Neican: Solomon Islands, domino theory, Lithuania

1. Solomon Islands In the Solomon Islands last week, anti-government protests broke out, with protestors burning Chinatown in the capital Honiara. The Solomon Islands Government requested help from Australia, which sent police and military personnel. Prime Minister Sogavare blamed unspecified “foreign powers” for encouraging this civil unrest. It is unclear which foreign powers he refers … more

Neican: Celebrity and nationalism, Disaggregating “Chinese influence”, Dissenting intellectuals, Sexual assault

1. Celebrity and Nationalism Every now and then I turn my attention to celebrity news/gossip — sometimes they can be illuminating about popular trends, government attention, and the interaction between the two. After the Kris Wu sexual assault allegations, the next celebrity to experience huge controversy is Zhang Zhehan 张哲瀚. Zhang became popular after starring … more

Neican: Regulations, Visits, and Asia-capability in Australia

1. Regulations and crackdowns The Chinese Government has been cracking down on a few different technology-related industries recently. We’ve noted previously Ant Financial, Didi, and the online tutoring industry. And now, it is “targeting” food delivery companies by forcing them to focus more on labour rights. We know that the CCP likes to take credit … more

Why Does Paraguay Recognize Taiwan and Shun China?

Only 15 countries worldwide maintained diplomatic relations with Taiwan as of May 2021. Among those, Paraguay stands out as Taiwan’s only South American ally. As a consequence of its recognition policy, the country missed out on the Chinese finance received by its neighbours. However, beyond simple ‘checkbook diplomacy’ Paraguay uses its diplomatic recognition policy for … more

China Neican: 31 March 2021

1. Sanctions and counter-sanctions The US, the EU, the UK and Canada, in coordination, imposed sanctions last week on Chinese officials and state entities over human rights abuses in Xinjiang. The US has previously sanctioned Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC), Xinjiang Public Security Bureau (XPSC) and six officials in July 2020. Last week, the … more

Messages from China’s third white paper on foreign aid

In January, the Chinese government released its third white paper on foreign aid, entitled “China’s International Development Cooperation in the New Era”. It is worth taking a closer look at the Chinese-language original, which is more detailed in content than the English-language version, to see what has changed in some aspects of China’s foreign aid … more