Submission Guide

About us

The China Story website is aimed at a general readership with an interest in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Chinese diaspora as well as specialist readers. We publish original articles, research and analysis on topics of contemporary relevance, across a full range of disciplines, written in plain, academic jargon-free English.

The China Story intends to encourage informed discussion and debate on issues related to the Chinese world, to be a resource for policymakers, and a bridge between specialisations.

We encourage a cross-disciplinary approach and the use of original sources. Contributors should be able to provide historical, cultural or other relevant context to the topic at hand and be familiar with existing discourse on the subject they are writing about.

The China Story is produced by the Australian Centre on China in the World (CIW) at the Australian National University. The editorial board comprises CIW Director Ben Hillman, CIW academics Matthew Galway and Debby Chan. Current managing editors are Graeme Smith, Annie Luman Ren and Linda Jaivin.

Editorial process

If you would like to contribute to The China Story, please familiarise yourself with the website, and check that we have not already published a piece on the same subject.

Once you’ve done that, please use the Contact Form or email. Your pitch should consist of up to 250 words describing the proposed article. You should also tell us why you are the right person to write on the subject (e.g. academic expertise, first-hand research, etc) and, if possible, provide a link to other published work for reference. If we decide to commission your piece, then we will email you to discuss practicalities such as length (generally speaking we publish pieces between 800 and 3,500 words), potential illustrations and so on.

Generally, you will hear back from us within one week. Deadlines depend on the length and topic. We do expect that you will be able to work to agreed deadlines and can accept a relatively rigorous editorial process.


If we commission a piece, we will provide you with our style guide.

China Story Yearbook

The China Story Yearbook, an annual publication by ANU Press, may choose to republish articles from the website, in which case the authors will be given the chance to update or in some circumstances, expand the original text.

We look forward to hearing from you!