Ten Questions for Authors: Contemporary Queer Chinese Art

‘If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?’ This is a well-known philosophical question about observation and perception. While there are no actual trees falling in Contemporary Queer Chinese Art, the question remains pertinent: If no one knows about the existence of queer artists and artworks, can they still be said to exist? Do they still matter? As the first edited collection on the topic, Contemporary Queer Chinese Art opens a window on a fascina...

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The University of Mountains and Rivers: Unequal Admissions System Fuels the Dream of an Ideal University

According to its official website, The University of Mountains and Rivers (or Shan He Da Xue 山河大学, or SHU) is located on No.1 Shan He Road, in a special... more

Caution and Compromise in the Albanese Government’s China Strategy

Policy consistency and diplomatic decorum have been the dominant themes of Canberra’s approach to Beijing since the May 2022 federal election. The Albanese La... more

China’s Geopolitical Gambit: The Russia-Ukraine Conflict and Regional Security

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How Multinational Corporations are Coopted into Becoming China’s Agents of Repression

Informal economic sanctions reinforced by state-sponsored consumer boycotts have made the Chinese market volatile for multinational corporations (MNCs) over the... more