Launching China Story Yearbook: China Dreams

On April 16, Australian Centre on China in the World launched the China Story Yearbook: China Dreams through a webinar hosted by the Asia Society. In the webinar, Asia Society’s Richard Maude, Yearbook editor Jane Golley, and chapter authors Louisa Lim and Darren Lim discuss some of the many dreams, illusions, aspirations and nightmares that co-existed (and clashed) in 2019 in … more

Neican: 19 April 2020

Welcome to the first issue of China Neican 内参 on the China Story blog. Neican is a weekly brief on China issues that brings you concise, timely, and policy-focused analysis. Neican or “internal reference” are limited circulation reports only for the eyes of high-ranking officials in China, dealing with topics deemed too sensitive for public … more

Australia, China and COVID-19: Dependency in a Crisis

The rapid spread of COVID-19 around the world has heightened concerns about the unprecedented level of globalisation that characterises the world we live in – or lived in until 2020 began. In Australia, these concerns tend to focus on our ‘excessive reliance’ on China. Yet China’s vast economic resources and its government’s capacity to stimulate … more

COVID-19 racism echoes historical anti-Chinese sentiment

COVID-19 has resulted in racist abuse and unsubstantiated claims of hoarding against Chinese and other Asian-Australians. Narratives about disease and competition for resources echo themes in anti-Chinese campaigns during the 19th century that shaped Australia’s identity. The Australian government has failed to adopt policies to educate the community about casual racism, making these deeply rooted … more