Australia-China Relations Need Re-thinking, Not Re-set

Australia-People’s Republic of China (PRC) relations appear to be on a healthy win-win-win track. Australia’s federal ministers are back on talking terms with their PRC counterparts, visits to the PRC are resuming from Canberra and by state premiers, our longsuffering ambassador in Beijing, Graham Fletcher, is finally getting to meet appropriate Chinese peers, and some … more

Business should beware ensnarement in China controversies

Australian business leaders should consider using this challenging COVID era to deepen their relations with Chinese counterparts and understanding of China’s markets rather than to promote a greater priority for commercial interests in political debate. Is this the hour when Australia’s business leaders should stand up and be counted on Australia’s relationship with the People’s … more

Australia’s top China journalist expelled By Beijing

The doyen of Australian journalists covering China, the New York Times’ correspondent Chris Buckley — a doctor of philosophy from the Australian National University — has just been booted out of the People’s Republic. Married with a student daughter, he returned early this week to Sydney. Tragically, the New York Times’ most distinguished China correspondent … more