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Cover of the China Story Yearbook 2014 with a word cloud, featuring expressions and official clichés in the shape of the character 共 gong Artwork: Markuz Wernli2014: Shared Destiny

The People’s Republic of China under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and its ‘Chairman of Everything’, Xi Jinping, has declared that it shares in the destiny of the countries of the Asia and Pacific region, as well as of nations that are part of an intertwined national self-interest. The China Story Yearbook 2014 takes the theme of Shared Destiny 共同命运 and considers it in the context of China’s current and future potential.

Cover of China Story Yearbook 2013. Designed by Markuz Wernli

2013: Civilising China

As China becomes wealthier and more confident on the global stage, it also expects to be respected and accommodated as a major global force—and as a formidable civilisation. Through a survey and analysis of China’s regional posture, urban change, social activism and law, mores, the Internet, history and thought—in which the concept of ‘civilising’ plays a prominent role—China Story Yearbook 2013 offers insights into the country today and its dreams for the future.

A huabiao painted on a Beijing wall.2012: Red Rising, Red Eclipse

The authors of Red Rising, Red Eclipse survey China’s regional posture, urban change, social activism and law, human rights and economics, the Internet, history and thought. This inaugural China Story Yearbook offers an informed perspective on recent developments in China and provides a context for understanding ongoing issues that will resonate far beyond the Dragon Year of 2012–2013.