Chengguan are People Too

05w_f_guangang_filmA propaganda video appeared online that was said to be the work of Jiang Yifan, a chengguan from Changzhou, Jiangsu province. The video was intended to humanise the chengguan and show that they are just trying to do a good job. Below is a description of the on-camera action together with a translation of the subtitle to each scene:

Jiang and a fellow chengguan point at vendors on the street: All you ever see are my extremely strict words.

A bowl of instant noodles is steaming on Jiang’s desk, his wife is on the phone, he’s working overtime: But you don’t see all my tears and worries.

A female vendor is cooking snacks on the street: You have your livelihood.

Jiang and his colleague are standing in front of the female vendor and writing in their notebooks: … and I have my duty.

Other people on the street are laughing and pointing: You can hold our job in disdain.

Street scenes of traffic and buildings: But we can show you who is really beautifying the city.

Close-up images of Jiang working on a computer: Being a chengguan will always be controversial.

Jiang stands watch on the street: We are questioned and mocked wherever we go.

Jiang looks at himself in the mirror while putting on his uniform: Despite all this, even if no one understands.

Jiang pushes open a door to face the camera: We will march courageously forward.

Jiang looks sternly into the camera: I am a chengguan, and I can speak up for myself.