Geremie R Barmé is an historian, editor and translator who has published widely on late-imperial and modern China. He is the Founding Director of the Australian Centre on China in the World (CIW), College of Asia and the Pacific, The Australian National University.

Carolyn Cartier is an urban geographer who works on China and comparative urban studies. She is a professor at the University of Technology, Sydney and an Adjunct Director of CIW.

Chen Shuxia 陈淑霞 is a PhD candidate at CIW, researching on Chinese photography groups as ‘amateur’ cultural actors in the 1980s.

Antony Dapiran is a partner of international law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell, based in Hong Kong. He is also a writer and commentator on China-related issues.

Gloria Davies is a literary scholar and historian of China. She is Professor of Chinese Studies in the School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics at Monash University and an Adjunct Director of the CIW.

Rebecca Fabrizi has a background as a diplomat for the UK and the EU. She is a Senior Strategic Research Fellow at CIW. Her research focuses on China’s foreign policy-making apparatus, and on China’s relations with other major powers, with its neighbourhood, and on regional and global governance structures.

Jeremy Goldkorn is a writer and new media entrepreneur and founder of, the digital research collaborator of CIW. He relocated to Nashville, Tennessee in 2015 after twenty years of living and working in Beijing.

Jane Golley is an economist focused on a range of Chinese transition and development issues. She is an Associate Director of CIW.

Gerry Groot lectures in Chinese Studies and is Head of the Department of Asian Studies, University of Adelaide. He writes on Chinese united front work, soft power and related issues. He is an Adjunct Director of CIW.

Mark Harrison is a Senior Lecturer in Chinese at the University of Tasmania and an Adjunct Director of CIW. His work examines knowledge and representation in Chinese contexts, exploring contemporary cultural and social life in Taiwan and mainland China.

Linda Jaivin is the author of eleven books, including the China memoir The Monkey and the Dragon, an essayist, translator, co-editor with Geremie R Barmé of the anthology of translation New Ghosts Old Dreams: Chinese Rebel Voices and editorial consultant at CIW.

Olivier Krischer is a postdoctoral fellow at CIW who researches modern China–Japan relations through art, and recent networks of East Asian creative activism.

Joel Martinsen is a literary translator and co-founder of, where he is currently research director.

David Murphy is a PhD candidate at CIW specialising in industry–state relations and trade policy.

Elisa Nesossi is an ARC Research Fellow at CIW. Her current research project focuses on changes in Chinese concepts of criminal justice, 1980–2015.

Benjamin Penny is an historian of religions in China. He is the Director of CIW and Editor of East Asian History.

Qian Ying 钱颖 is a postdoctoral fellow at CIW. She conducts research on cinema, media and visual culture in China, and co-curates CIW’s monthly film series Asia and the Pacific Screens. She will be an assistant professor at Columbia University in 2015.

Richard Rigby is a former senior diplomat and intelligence analyst who is now Director of the ANU China Institute and an Associate Director of CIW.

Brendan Taylor is Head of the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at ANU. He is a specialist on great power strategic relations, including Asia-Pacific security (especially China and North Korea), US–China relations and economic sanctions.

Susan Trevaskes is a researcher in the area of a Chinese criminal justice at Griffith University and is an Adjunct Director of CIW. She publishes on justice issues including policing, punishment and the politics of law and order.

Luigi Tomba is a political scientist who has published widely on China’s political and social change and the urban condition. His latest book is The Government Next Door. Neighborhood Politics in Urban China (Cornell University Press, 2014). He is an Associate Director of CIW and was the co-editor of The China Journal from 2005–2015.

Jay Wang 王造玢 is the international product lead at a mobile social media startup, and enjoys translating in his spare time.

Nathan Woolley is a postdoctoral fellow at CIW and an historian of dynastic China.

Wuqiriletu is a PhD candidate at the School of Culture, History and Languages at the ANU, and a research officer at CIW. His research focuses on informal life politics in Mongolia and North East Asia.

Aiden Xia 夏克余 is writer and works as a researcher at in Beijing.

Joanna (Yeejung) Yoon is a recent graduate of Washington University in St Louis with a major in East Asian Studies. She attended the Inter-University Program to study Chinese from 2013 to 2014.

Zou Shu Cheng 邹述丞 is a student of Classical Chinese history, thought and literature. He recently completed an Honours degree at ANU, investigating filial and unfilial behaviours in pre-Qin thought.