Taiwan’s View of the Trump Administration

President Trump was not popular across Asia. From Japan and South Korea to Southeast Asia, he had a negative effect on perceptions of the United States. In Australia, there was a palpable sense of relief at his departure so that normalcy could return. But Taiwan was staunchly pro-Trump. Opinion polling shows that—unlike other parts of … more

VIEWPOINTS: Detention of Australians in China

What should the Australian Government do about China detaining Australians for national security reasons? There are currently two Australians detained in China on national security grounds: Yang Hengjun and Cheng Lei. Both of them were arrested for national security reasons by Chinese authorities. How did bilateral friction play into their detention? What message was Beijing … more

Australia-China relations are more than just government

With official relations at a new low, it is easy to be pessimistic about Australia-China relations. But there are many actors involved in Australia-China diplomacy. These connections can help provide communication channels for when official relations are frosty. They also bring economic, educational and cultural benefits. I was at a webinar earlier this year where … more