Neican: Gender diversity, Enforced morality, Gig workers

1. Queer China The Chinese leadership is deeply conservative on certain social issues. When it comes to gender norms or “family values”, their stance resembles the Christian right in the West. In the past year, the government has tried to constrain gender expressions and eliminate gender diversity. I have noted previously the renewed push for … more

Neican: Algorithm, Fan circle, Xi Thought in curriculum, Online gaming

1. Regulating algorithms The Cyberspace Administration of China has been busy lately. After its recent work on Data Security Law and Personal Information Protection Law, it has released a draft regulation for consultation on “algorithm recommendations” 互联网信息服务算法推荐管理规定 [China Law Translate]. The draft includes the following provisions: Algorithms that make users addicted or spend large amount … more

Neican: Common prosperity, AfPak, privacy

1. Common prosperity The Central Financial and Economic Affairs Commission, China’s highest economic decision-making body, held a meeting to discuss “common prosperity” 共同富裕 (the Chinese term is also the literal translation of “common-wealth”, but Commonwealth means something quite different from common-wealth nowadays). You can find Adam’s take on the topic and his translation of the … more

Neican: Three Child, Cyber attribution, Competitive purchase, MeToo

1. More children please As expected when the Three Child Policy was announced, the Chinese Government has now followed up the ease of restriction with some carrots to incentivise child-rearing. In the announcement, this pro-birth policy has been infused with a sense of nationalism, characterised as “a major issue concerning the development of the Chinese … more

Neican: ETS, mystery seeds, and tutoring

1. Emissions trading scheme In a step significant in symbolism, China launched an emissions trading scheme to combat the climate crisis. China, with the world’s largest population, is also the world’s biggest carbon emitter — 28 per cent of global carbon emissions. There are many ways to count carbon emissions, including taking into account the … more

Neican: Centennary, HK, Kiwifruit

1. Party centennary In a few days, on July 1, the CCP will commemorate its centennary. In Chinese culture, 100 years is synonymous with longevity (长命百岁). Whatever we may think about its longevity, CCP has certainly come a long way. Founded in 1921 amid political and social upheaval, it has survived vicious struggles, both internally … more

Neican: Anti-sanctions, Gaokao, Education, Industry policy

1. Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) passed the Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law《中华人民共和国反外国制裁法》(Chinese | English) on 10 June 2021. The law is effective immediately. The law provides a legal basis for the Chinese Government to punish and deter those involved in foreign sanctions against China. Individuals and organisations directly or indirectly involved could … more