Neican: Strategic Vision, US strategy, US sanctions

1. Strategic vision and Xi’s timescape Xi Jinping proclaimed that China has entered a “new development stage” (新发展阶段) in a speech to the Party’s top cadres on January 11. This speech deserves our attention because this is the first time a top Chinese leader has articulated this new concept. So what is this “new development … more

Neican: The Capitol, Hong Kong, United Front, 996

1. The storming of the Capitol The storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters is a vivid reminder that national security threats don’t just come from the “outside” but often originate at home, and sometimes within the government itself. A myopic focus on China that squeezes out other national security priorities could be just as … more

Neican: CAI, Chinese-Australians in the APS, citizen journalists

1. EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) has finally concluded. The agreement provides increased market access for EU companies in China, and includes rules on areas such as state-owned enterprises, subsidies, technology transfer, and labour standards. Like the recently concluded Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, the Agreement came after almost … more

China Neican: 28 December 2020

This week: Alibaba’s alleged monopoly conduct, public opinion, women in leadership, sent-down youth 1. Alibaba China’s State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) 国家市场监管总局 announced that it was investigating possible monopolistic practices by Alibaba. These alleged practices include Alibaba’s tactic of pressuring merchants to sell exclusively on its platform. The current investigation is the first of … more

China Neican: 21 December 2020

This week’s topics: Nanjing Massacre, democratic solidarity, Zoom/censorship, CCP members 1. Nanjing Massacre China marked its National Day of Commemoration for the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre 南京大屠杀死难者国家公祭日 with a solemn public ceremony in Nanjing on December 13. Eighty-three years have passed, but the collective memory of the event still exerts an emotional pull on … more

China Neican: 30 November 2020

This week’s topics: social credit system, China studies in Anglophone countries, and perspectives from China 1. Social credit system The State Council’s meeting on Wednesday (25 November 2020) highlighted the importance of developing China’s social credit system 社会信用体系 according to key principles, including lawfulness, prudence, and rights protection. The key message here is that the … more

China Neican: 23 November 2020

This week’s topics: 14 grievances, “China Challenge”, and Shi Yinhong 1. Beijing’s grievances against Australia The Chinese embassy listed 14 grievances as the cause of poor Australia-China relations in a document handed to Australian media last week:   Nothing on the list should come as a surprise: all have previously been mentioned by Chinese officials … more

China Neican: 16 November 2020

This week’s topics: Hong Kong, monopoly regulation, ASEAN, foreign interference   1. Beijing ousts opposition legislators in HK The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, China’s top legislative body, passed a resolution on Wednesday, mandating the immediate disqualification of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council members who: advocates or supports the cause of “Hong Kong independence” … more

China Neican: 9 November 2020

This week’s topics: US-China relation under Biden, Ant Group IPO, Australia-China trade, Foreign interference. 1. US-China relations under Biden There is no doubt that US policy on China sits at the top of President-elect Biden’s list of foreign policy priorities. At the moment, the US faces many internal challenges that reduce its ability to engage … more

China Neican: 2 November 2020

This week’s topics: Fifth Plenum, 14th Five Year Plan, disinformation, pro-Trump and anti-CCP alliance. 1. Fifth Plenum The Fifth Plenum of CCP Central Committee concluded on Thursday in Beijing after four days behind closed doors. For background on the plenum, see Neican issues of August 2 and October 5, and a short video made by … more