Li Yining 厉以宁

Li Yining 厉以宁 is one of China’s most noted economists. He is the director of the Department of Social Sciences at Peking University, and Honorary President at that university’s Guanghua School of Management. Li has participated in the professional committees advising the National People’s Congress, and is one of the most frequently quoted economists on … more

Li Yinhe 李银河

Often described as ‘China’s first sexologist’, Li Yinhe 李银河 is a sociologist who is widely admired as a pioneer of Gender Studies in mainland China. She is also a public intellectual well known for defending the rights of women, gays, lesbians and transgendered people. As an undergraduate, Li Yinhe studied history at Shanxi University from … more

Li Tuo 李陀

Li Tuo 李陀 is a cultural critic and editor who rose to fame as part of the ‘Culture Fever’ 文化热 in the 1980s, a term that covers the diverse range of academic, artistic, literary and publishing enterprises that defined intellectual life in that decade. Born into a rural Hohhot family in Inner Mongolia in 1939, … more

Lei Yi 雷颐

Lei Yi 雷颐, an historian of late-Qing and modern China, joined the Institute of Modern History, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), in 1985 and has remained there to this day, pursuing research into modern Chinese intellectual history. Due to his broad areas of academic interest, Lei Yi had a frequent media presence around the centenary of … more