Australian Politics and the China Card: a Dangerous Game

As the next federal election draws near and with predictions of a close result, the incumbent federal Coalition Government may be talking a lot about China during the upcoming campaign, with long-term repercussions for Australia. Late last year, Penny Wong delivered a speech, stating that whenever the federal government is in trouble, you see them … more

Negative feelings towards Chinese immigrants show our debates do not happen in a vacuum

The Scanlon Foundation’s annual Mapping Social Cohesion report found widespread negative feelings towards immigrants from China. It has implications for how Australia discusses matters involving China and Chinese people as there may be unintended consequences. Further research is urgently needed to understand the cause of these negative sentiments and how to address this complex problem. … more

COVID-19 racism echoes historical anti-Chinese sentiment

COVID-19 has resulted in racist abuse and unsubstantiated claims of hoarding against Chinese and other Asian-Australians. Narratives about disease and competition for resources echo themes in anti-Chinese campaigns during the 19th century that shaped Australia’s identity. The Australian government has failed to adopt policies to educate the community about casual racism, making these deeply rooted … more