Zhang Yihe 章诒和

Zhang Yihe is a scholar of performing arts and an author of memoir-style histories of mid-twentieth century intellectuals, politicians and literati. Born in 1942, Zhang is the second daughter of Zhang Bojun 章伯钧, the influential democratic politician and intellectual who was active in the government of the People’s Republic in the 1950s until his downfall … more

Zhu Dake 朱大可

Zhu Dake is a noted cultural critic, scholar and essayist who rose to prominence in the 1980s alongside Li Zehou 李泽厚, Li Zaifu 李再复 and Liu Xiaobo 刘晓波. He was, and remains, widely admired in mainland intellectual circles as an independent voice on contemporary Chinese society. Zhu holds a professorial appointment at Tongji University in Shanghai where he is … more

Zhang Lifan 章立凡

Zhang Lifan 章立凡 is a writer and historian of Republican China (1912-1949), with a special interest in the warlord politics of the Beiyang government (1916-1927). He has also written on issues concerning civil society and on modern intellectual history in China. In 2000, Zhang resigned from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), where he … more

Zhang Weiying 张维迎

Zhang Weiying 张维迎 is a prominent Chinese economist best known for his advocacy of free markets and entrepreneurship. He is a vocal critic of big government and its interference in market activities. He is also a champion of judicial reform and argues in favor of the constitutional protection of private property. In 1984, when he was … more