Wu Jiaxiang 吴稼祥

Wu Jiaxiang 吴稼祥 is a prominent mainland social commentator and author. After graduating from Peking University with a degree in economics, Wu began his career at the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China in 1982. He held a number of government roles in the 1980s. In 1989, he was detained for denouncing martial … more

Wang Hui 汪晖

Wang Hui 汪晖, Tsinghua University professor and former editor of the influential journal Dushu 读书, is the leading voice of China’s New Left. His major works include Against Despair: Lu Xun and the Literary World 《反抗绝望:鲁迅及其文学世界》 (1991), Rekindling Frozen Fire 《死火重温》 (2000) and the four-volume The Rise of Modern Chinese Thought 《现代中国思想的兴起》 (2005). Wang Hui’s scholarship has received considerable attention overseas. Works in English include The Politics … more

Wu Si 吴思

Wu Si 吴思 is the author of the highly influential history books Hidden Rules 潜规则 and The Principle of Blood Payment 血酬定律. He has also served as vice-president of Yanhuang chunqiu magazine (炎黄春秋, aka Chinese Chronicles), a publication with a reformist bent.