Y.M. Chien (Qing Yongming) 錢永銘

This article is excerpted from Biographies of Prominent Chinese, published in Shanghai in c.1925.

Y.M. Chien

Mr Y.M. Chien was born in Shanghai, in 1885. He was graduated from the Kobe Commercial College. Upon returning to China, engaged in the banking business and became manager of the Shanghai branch of the Bank of Communications. He became a popular member of the Shanghai banking community, and was elected to serve, in addition, as Vice-President of the Shanghai Bankers’ Association, and Director of the Shanghai Chinese General Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Chien later became Vice-President of the Bank of Communications, one of the two large banking institutions controlled by the Chinese Government. He is a Director of the Peking Banker’s Association, the Chekiang Industrial Bank of Shanghai, and the Great North-Western Bank.

Although his principal interests are banking, Mr. Chien takes an active interest in many industrial enterprises; serving as President of the Tai Shan Brick Manufacturing Company, Shanghai, Director of the Hua Feng Cotton Mill, Shanghai, and Director of the Pao Tung Electrical Works, Shanghai.

Appreciating that education is the first step towards advancement, Mr. Chien unselfishly devoted himself to the promotion and maintenance of educational institutions. He serves as a Director of the South-Eastern University, Nanking; Director of the Shanghai Commercial College; Director of the Chih Nan College; and Director of the China Vocational Education Association.

In recognition of his services towards the advancement of commerce, industry, and education, in China, the Peking Government conferred upon Mr. Chien the Third Order of Chiaho, in January 1920; the Third Order of Wenfu, in January 1921; and the Third Order of Paokuang Chiaho, in February 1921. In April 1923, Mr. Chien was appointed a member of the Commission for the consideration of China’s finance.

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