Wang Chih-chang (Wang Zhichang) 王治昌

This article is excerpted from Biographies of Prominent Chinese, published in Shanghai in c.1925.

Wang Chih-chung

Mr. Wang Chih-chang was born at Tientsin, Chihli Province, in 1877. He studied law at the Peiyang University, Tientsin. Before he graduated from the University, he went to Japan. There he entered the Waseda University, taking a Commercial Course, and was graduated with the degree of B.S. He was later awarded the degree of Chu-jen, or Provincial graduate, by the Ching Government.

Mr. Wang began his unofficial career as a member of the Board of Agriculture, Industry, and Commerce. For a time before the establishment of the Republic, he served as professor in the College of Commerce at Tientsin. In 1912, he became junior secretary to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, in charge of the Foreign Trade Section. In December 1913, this Ministry, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, were merged into the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce. Mr. Wang was given the post of Senior Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce. He was later promoted to be Councillor of the same Ministry, becoming concurrently the Curator of the Commercial Museum of the Ministry.

In December 1918, Mr. Wang was appointed by the Ministry to study post-war industrial conditions in Europe and America. He was at the same time awarded the Second Class Paokuang Chiaho Decoration. When the Peace Conference was held in Paris, in the first part of 1919, Mr. Wang accompanied the Chinese Delegation as Technical Expert. In January 1920 he was awarded the Second Class Wenhu Decoration. In January 1921, he was given the Second Class Tashou Paokuang Chiaho, and appointed Director-General of the department of Industry and Commerce. In August 1921, Mr. Wang was appointed to serve also as Government Superintendent of the Bank of Agriculture and Commerce. This position he has retained. In September 1921, he accompanied the Chinese Delegation to the Washington Conference, as Technical Expert.

Subsequent to his return from the Washington Conference, Mr. Wang was appointed Vice-President of the Commission for the Discussion of Customs Tariff Revision. In November 1922, he was awarded the Second Class Tashou Chiaho Decoration. In January 1923, he was asked to serve as a Member of the commission to prepare for the calling of a Special Conference for the Revision of the Customs Tariff. In February 1923, he became Vice-President of the Commission for the Revision of Commercial and Industrial Laws.

Besides holding the posts of Director of the Ministry and Superintendent of the Bank of Agriculture and Commerce, Mr. Wang was for many years a Member of the Advisory Council of the Government Immigration Bureau. Mr. Wang has also been registered with the Cabinet as an official qualified to be Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to a foreign country. He also served as Director-General of the Government Trade Mark Bureau. Mr. Wang has been awarded the First Class Gold Medal of the Ministry of Finance, and also the First Class Medal of the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce.

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