Huang Yuan-pei (Huang Yanpei) 黃炎培

This article is excerpted from Biographies of Prominent Chinese, published in Shanghai in c.1925.

Huang Yuan-pei

Mr. Huang Yen-pei, a native of Chuensha, Kiangsu Province, was born in 1877. Having successfully passed several literary examinations during the Ching Dynasty, he obtained the degree of Chu-jen. For his Western knowledge, he attended the Middle School of the Nanyang University.

Mr. Huang started his career as Principal and a teacher of the Chuensha Elementary School. Since then, he has held many posts in various schools; and has co-operated with the officials in their attempts to improve educational development. The following is a summary of the various positions which he has held: Superintendent, and a teacher, of the Kwang Ming Elementary School; Principal, and a teacher, of the Kwang Ming Normal Course Training Institute; Superintendent, and a teacher, of Pootung Middle School; District School Supervisor and Chuensha Hsien; Director of the District Educational Encouragement Bureau; Counsellor of the Kiangsu Provincial Education Association; Member of the Central Educational Association; Coucillor of the Shanghai Chinese Municipal Bureau; Departmental Chief of Civil Affairs, under the Governor of Kiangsu; Chief of the Education Bureau of Kiangsu; Commissioner of Education of Kiangsu; and special representative to investigate educational systems in Japan and the United States of America.

At this writing, Mr. Huang serves as Vice-Chairman of the Kiangsu Educational Association, Chairman of the Chuensha Educational Association, Councillor of the Nanking Higher Normal School and the Conservancy School, and Kiangsu delegate to the National Education Conference. Mr. Huang promoted the establishment of three important schools, which are: the China College of Nanking, the Pootung Middle School, and the Ching Vocational School.

In 1912, the Provisional Government which was established at Nanking, appointed Mr. Huang as Educational Commissioner. During his tenure of office, a thorough study of educational conditions was made. In 1921, Premier Liang Shih-yi, in organizing a new cabinet, offered him the portfolio of Minister of Education; but he declined to accept. The same offer was tendered and again declined when Dr. W. W. Yen became Premier, in 1922. However, as an alternative, Mr. Huang promised to serve as a member of the National Educational Committee, as his avowed object was to study both social and vocational education and, at the same time, be himself of great use to society.

Mr. Huang is very enthusiastic in all undertakings, the object of which is to promote public welfare; and, always in fine spirits, is one of the most energetic workers of the Republic.

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