Zhou Yongkang and Jacob Zuma

Compiled 6 December 2014

South African president Jacob Zuma in China
From the South African press:
Mail and Guardian / AFP
Zuma: China can free Africa from ‘colonial shackles’

South African President Jacob Zuma said on Friday that China’s growing influence in Africa would allow the continent to free itself from “colonial shackles” as he wound up a visit to Beijing…

…Zuma, whose party led the struggle against apartheid, added that in African countries’ relations with “Europe in particular, you are regarded as either a former subject or a second and third class kind of a person”. But “the relationship between China and African countries, particularly South Africa, is different”, he said.

“We relate as brothers and sisters to do business together, not because one is a poor cousin.”…

…“We have people in Cape Town who claim descent from from Chinese 15th century sailors,” he said.

The first European sailor to explore southern Africa, Bartolomeu Dias, rounded the Cape of Good Hope in 1488.

Chinese Admiral Zheng He embarked on a two-year expedition in the 1400s that took his fleet of 300 ships as far as East Africa. Historians do not generally believe that he visited Africa’s southern tip, but Zuma said that “we have to know more” about Zheng, whom he called a “great Chinese navigator”.

Daily Maverick
Jacob goes to Beijing

South Africa’s foreign policy once again sustained significant damages to its image when the Dalai Lama withdrew his visa application earlier this year after it was hinted he wouldn’t be able to come to South Africa. In solidarity, Nobel laureates decided not to come as the government displayed its obsequiousness to Beijing. China thanked SA for its “correct position” on the matter.

It was an embarrassment to the country. As Zuma meets Chinese leaders this week and holds discussions with our largest trading partner, there should be high pressure on the president to at least take advantage of his friendship with the economic giant and bring back more than an honorary degree to boost South Africa’s floundering economy.

Sunday Times
China’s Xi hails South Africa’s Zuma as China’s ‘good friend’

Deals announced during the visit:
Fresh Fruit Portal

China green lights South African apple imports

Zhou Yongkang
The People’s Daily


中共中央决定给予周永康开除党籍处分 将周永康涉嫌犯罪问题及线索移送司法机关依法处理 (with CCTV video clip)
The Guardian
China expels Zhou Yongkang from Communist party

Talking about the Constitution
Fei Chang Dao
On China’s First “Constitution Day” Baidu Bans Forums on “The Constitution”
China Youth Net
宪法并非“高大上” 其实就在你身边

今天是第十四个“全国法制宣传日”,也是首个 “国家宪法日”。以往,每当人们提到宪法,首先想到它是国家的根本大法,是法治社会大厦的基石,是法律体系的母法……但是,似乎正是这些“高大上”的排比句,把宪法和我们的距离越拉越远。宪法真的是“不可触及的恋人”吗,还是像《哈利·波特》中“护身护卫”的守护神,其实一直在你身边?

Hong Kong
The People’s Daily
British moral responsibility for Hong Kong contradicts Declaration

Stock Markets
The Economist
Super-bull on the rampage

Confucius Institutes
Confucius Institutes defended after debate in US
LA Times
China’s influence threatens American universities, experts say

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That’s Beijing
Comprehensive English-language guide to the license plates of China