Xi Jinping’s umbrella, Ebola, and Occupy

This post is a list of comments and links to articles and materials retrieved on 24 October 2014.

Xinhua: Source: 一图读懂十八届四中全会公报

Infographic on CPC 4th Plenum from Xinhua: 一图读懂十八届四中全会公报

China Copyright and Media: Official Central Committee Communiqué on 4th Plenum
Xinhua: 授权发布:中国共产党第十八届中央委员会 – 第四次全体会议公报, Highlights of communique of 4th plenary session of CPC Central Committee, Party’s leadership “most fundamental guarantee” for rule of law in China: communique
People’s Daily: 人民日报社论:实现依法治国的历史跨越

The New York Times: Beijing Formally Charges Writer Who Published Memoirs of Victims of Mao Era

The police in Beijing have formally charged an 81-year-old writer, Tie Liu, for privately publishing the testimony of aged or dead victims of Mao Zedong’s wrath and for writing scathing essays about Mao and present-day Communist Party leaders, Mr. Tie’s wife and his lawyer said on Thursday.

Sina: 习近平在汉冒雨考察照片获中国新闻奖一等奖(图)
A photo of Xi Jinping with his trousers rolled up and holding his own umbrella while visiting a container facility at the port of Wuhan wins first prize in China’s 20th Annual News Awards.
The complete list of award winners is hosted on Xinhua’s website: 第二十四届中国新闻奖参评作品网络公示. The awards are organized by the All China Journalists Association and Xinhua.

Global Times: In defense of the Party — Zhou Xiaoping courts controversy, limelight with patriotic writings

The controversially patriotic online writer Zhou Xiaoping was put in the limelight after appearing at a recent symposium on literature and art chaired by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who encouraged Zhou to “spread more positive energy” when he shook hands with him.

However, in cyberspace, as well as gaining a positive reputation, Zhou has become a target of verbal abuse, criticism and sarcasm because of his articles, which are widely considered as “singing the praises” of the government and “flattering” the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Fang Zhouzi blog: Fang Zhouzi Erased from China’s Social Media
China Digital Times: Zhou Xiaoping, Director of History
China Media Project: Zhou Xiaoping, “sunshine boy”
People’s Daily: Spat involving patriotic blogger spreads online

Reuters: Factbox: China’s reform tally since November 2013 policy meeting
A list of reforms and adjustments in the last year.

Caixin: 施政文:地方债“后门”能否真正堵住

Xinhua: HK Occupy movement impedes democracy: newspaper

By resorting to the extreme “occupy” measures to hijack Hong Kong public opinion and express their own views, the illegal movement is running counter to legal procedures and the democratic spirit, said a commentary carried by Thursday’s People’s Daily, the flagship newspaper of the Communist Party of China.

21CN: 东莞警方突查两家KTV带走60人
The Nanfang: Dongguan’s Sex Trade Is Back

The Nanfang: China’s Post-90s Generation Optimistic About Country’s Future
Chinese born in the 1990s are more optimistic about the country’s political and economic future than those born in the 1950s to 1980s, claims a Fudan University Study. Oddly, however, the study also reports that those born in the 1990s showed the least amount of interest in issues related to justice and social equality.
Chinese source — 中国社科院: 《中国网络社会心态报告》发布 详解中国代际群体特征

Global Times:
Ebola precautions boosted — 43 travelers in Guangdong test negative for infection

China has been actively ramping up its precautions against Ebola by screening inbound travelers from epidemic-ridden regions, as global health experts warn of growing risks of the spread of Ebola.No Ebola cases have been reported in China as of Wednesday.

On Tuesday, South China’s Guangdong Province ruled out 43 suspected Ebola cases.A total of 8,672 people from Ebola-ridden areas in Africa have entered Guangdong since August 23, with 5,437 of them discharged from medical observation so far, said Chen Yuansheng, director of the Guangdong Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission.

The Wall Street Journal: China’s Foray Into Africa Helps Add Ammunition to Ebola Fight

Last month, a medical team from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention landed in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, bringing supplies and government orders to construct an Ebola lab near the capital, according to China’s Foreign Ministry. Among those tapped for the mission, truck drivers from China Railway Construction Corp. ferried in the 105 tons of supplies while Chinese construction companies worked long hours over a week to assemble the facility, according to the companies involved.

For a country that is a major investor in Africa and an extractor of its energy and mineral wealth, China is being criticized by some for not punching its weight in a crisis that threatens Chinese commercial interests.

Chinese officials have said recently the country had already offered around $40 million in assistance to the region. That’s roughly a fifth of the more than $200 million the U.S. has contributed or committed to the Ebola effort, according to data from U.N.’s Financial Tracking Service. Chinese trade with the three hardest hit nations by comparison stood at $5.1 billion in 2013, or roughly 10 times the size of U.S. trade with the countries.

Thousands of Chinese nationals appear to have left Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, and many that remain are hunkered down.

The Guardian: China’s strangest buildings, from pairs of pants to ping-pong bats
Good selection of photos of buildings including the ‘Big Underpants’ CCTV building in Beijing, and various edifices that look like teapots, circles, coins, and mobile phones.