Xi Jinping’s China wisdom

This list of links was compiled 29 December, 2014.

Xi at the Helm
Netease/ Beijing Times: 媒体梳理习近平的中国智慧:率真亲民
Media comb through Xi Jinping’s China wisdom: sincere and close to the people

Internet and censorship
Red Flag / Seeking Truth: 信息技术发展趋势与意识形态安
iFeng: 信息技术发展趋势与意识形态安全
Trouble coming for VPNs? Red Flag article says they are used by terrorists etc.

Guangming Daily: 中国互联网络信息中心(CNNIC)人事调整 李晓东担任主任
CNNIC, a state organization that researches the Internet and publishes official numbers of Chinese Internet users, has been moved from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and now reports to the Internet Security & Informatization Leading Small Group headed by Lu Wei 鲁炜 and of which Xi Jinping is a member.

Rule of law
Red Flag: 我国独立公正司法与西方国家“司法独立” 的根本区别
A long essay on the difference between China’s independent judiciary and the the West’s “independent judiciary”

Xinhua: China to form final ruling on Qualcomm case
China to up financial support for companies “go global”
People’s Daily: Outbound investment curbs to be relaxed

That’s Beijijng: CCTV news executive exposed as former presidential aide Ling Jihua’s mistress

Diplomacy and security
People’s Daily: China has no intention of ‘kicking the U.S. out of Asia’