Xi Jinping at the helm – Xi evokes new modern chapter for Lei Feng spirit

Today is March 5, Study Lei Feng Day in China. Chinese media reported today that Xi Jinping wrote a reply to a letter he received from the “Guo Mingyi Compassionate Team” (郭明义爱心团), an organisation set up in 2006 to encourage charitable volunteer work among Chinese companies. In his reply, Xi expressed his eagerness to learn more about “studying Lei Feng with Guo Mingyi”, and praised the organisation for its spirit of devotion to helping others.

In his letter Xi Jinping made extensive reference to the spirit of Lei Feng, which he described as something very good for the people to study and to apply in all aspects of their lives. Xi called on people to help others whenever they could, because with many small good deeds the whole of society can be transformed for the better.

Xi encouraged the working class (工人阶级) to study the Lei Feng spirit for the sake of the whole society, to set an example for everyone and to ensure that it becomes commonplace all over China. Xi also stated that he wished for the values of the “Compassionate Team” to become part of the core socialist values of China, and therewith for a new chapter of the Lei Feng spirit for the modern era to be written.

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