Xi’s New Year message: “Taking new steps on the road of reform”

Yancheng Wanbao 2JanOn January 1, 2014, various newspapers printed a New Year message from Xi Jinping under the headline “Taking new steps on the road of reform” (改革路上迈出新步伐). A translated version of the message follows below. The link at the bottom of this post goes to the Chinese original.

We are standing on the eve of welcoming the new year 2014 brimming with confidence.

As another new year begins, everything can be refreshed anew. I want here to express to all the people and nationalities of the entire country, to our compatriots in the Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions, to our compatriots in Taiwan and all our countrymen living abroad, to our friends in every part and region of the rest of the world: Happy New Year!

I wish health to all the elderly people and happiness to all the children, and joy and peace to every single household!

At this time of bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new, countless workers, peasant farmers, intellectuals and officials are remaining steadfast at their posts, while many others of our countrymen are moving about in every area of the world working hard for the motherland, and many of our People’s Liberation Army and armed police and Public Security personnel are right now fulfilling their duties honorably. Many of them are far from the motherland and their loved ones and cannot celebrate together with their families. I represent the motherland and its people in expressing my most sincere greetings to them, wishing them peace and success!

2013 was a wonderful year for our country and people. Together we overcame all kinds of difficulties and challenges, and attained notable achievements.

Although attaining these achievements was not easy, we prevailed by means of our own inspiration and sweat (心血和汗水). I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone!

In 2013 we engaged plans for comprehensive deepening of reform, and outlined a common plan and blueprint for glorious future development.

In 2014 we will take new steps on the road of reform.

We have put forward fundamental objectives for reform with the goal of making our country even richer and more powerful, of making our society even more fair and just, and of making the lives of our countrymen even better.

The great undertaking of reform requires our common struggle, and an investment of hardships and great exertion.

You reap what you sow. At the great starting point of Opening Up and Reform, we had already achieved much glory and splendor. It is my firm belief that the people of China will inevitably achieve more glory and splendor.

The universe is vast, and the milky way glitters (宇宙浩瀚,星汉灿烂).

Seven billion people are living together in our universe, and they should keep watch and defend one another (守望相助), cross the rivers in the same boat (同舟共济), and develop together.

The people of China are pursuing the Chinese dream of the great awakening of the Chinese race and people, but they also wish for every nation to be able to fulfill its own dreams.

I sincerely hope that each nation will strive to fulfill its own dreams in such a way that is respectful, helpful and understanding of other nations, so that we can strive collectively to build a beautiful homeland on this earth that our existence depends on.

Life is always brimming with hope, and success always depends on those who forge ahead energetically and determinedly.

We are advancing on the road, and we may still face many hazards and challenges. We want the lives of the ordinary people to get even better, and there is much more that we still want to do.

We want to be modest and cautious, but to struggle arduously and collectively compose new chapters in a new era in the development of our great homeland!

Thank you.

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