Xi at the helm – Writing to college graduate village chief who recovered from leukaemia

W020140213404177147898In early Feb, 2014, Zhang Guangxiu 张广秀, a “college graduate village chief” received a letter signed by Xi Jinping, in which the President encouraged her and her colleagues to “enjoy working at the grassroots level” and “have no regrets for your youth”.
Following her graduation in 2009, Zhang, 27, was assigned to work at Lushang Village, Yantai, Shandong Province, where Zhang’s work was deemed to be exemplary. In 2010, Zhang was diagnosed of leukaemia. The local governments organised several rounds of donations and she was painted as a heroic figure by the local media. Later her story was published on Party Construction magazine 党建, which brought her to the attention of central leaders. Under the directive of Xi Jinping, then vice President, Zhang went to Beijing to receive treatment. In 2013, after she recovered from her condition, Zhang returned to Lushang village and resumed her responsibility as the village chief.
Beijing Times (京华时报): 习近平给村官回信 勉励“让青春无悔”