Xi at the helm – Presiding over leading group meeting on deepening reform

635260923355858963At the first meeting of the central leading group on deepening reform on January 22, Xi Jinping stressed the urgency and significance of implemnting reform measures in his speech, saying:

Time and sentiment are all in our favour. We are empirically and theoritically prepared… The blueprint for the overall reform is already there, now the urgent task is implementing it and promoting all the reform measures; there should be a timetable for all the measures that were made in the third plenary session.

Xi also said that while officials should speed up their work, they should also maintain steadiness.

Xi spoke highly of the central and local governments’ work on implementing the reform package, noting that they have made many concrete changes that include streamlining approval procedures and fighting corruption.

The meeting is the first one after the group was established at a meeting of the Central Committee of the Politburo convened on December 30 last year. Xi is the leader while members include other party leaders including Li Keqiang, Liu Yunshan and Zhang Gaoli.

Xinhua: 习近平:强化改革责任担当 看准事情坚定干
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