Xi at the helm – PLA generals vow support for Xi’s directives on military development


On April 18, 17 senior PLA leaders, including Zhang Jianping, PLA Air Force deputy commander, and Chen Fu’en, PLA Second Artillery Corps deputy commander, published articles in the PLA Daily in which they expressed support for Xi Jinping’s directives relating to China’s development of national defence and military power.

Previously, the PLA Publishing House published a collection called Selection of Xi Jinping’s Significant Statements on National Defense and Military Development 习近平关于国防和军队建设重要论述选编 in February, and the book was subsequently distributed to senior PLA officers, at and above the regiment leader level, who are supposed to thoroughly study Xi’s thought. The full text of the book is not available on the Internet, but judging from the articles, its emphasis is on strengthening the Party’s control of the military, zero-tolerance for corruption, cultivating a ‘problem-solving mentality’ 问题意识, and increasing combat-readiness.

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PLA Daily深入学习贯彻习主席关于国防和军队建设重要论述 在新的起点上推进强军兴军伟大实践