Xi at the helm – Moon landings and pragmatism in Hong Kong

8051899410551375262December 15: Jade Rabbit
Xi Jinping 习近平 congratulated China’s space agency on the success of Chang’e-3 lunar probe that completed the country’s first moon landing. The moon rover began moving on lunar surface on December 15. Xi and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang 李克强 both watched a live broadcast at Beijing Aerospace Control Center.
CCTV ( via Tencent): 习近平李克强深夜探访北京航天飞行控制中心

December 17: Xi urges Hong Kong to be pragmatic
During a meeting with CY Leung 梁振英, Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR, Xi Jinping urged Hongkongers to show pragmatism and foster consensus on arrangements concerning the election of their chief executive by universal suffrage in 2017, a decision approved by National People’s Congress Standing Committee in 2007. Xi said:

The central government’s stance is consistent and clear. I hope all Hong Kongers will start a pragmatic discussion based on the stipulations of the Basic Law and the decision made by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress to forge consensus.

South China Morning Post: Xi Jinping urges Hongkongers to show pragmatism on political reform

December 18: Xi in amoured vehicle
CCTV7, the military and agriculture channel, broadcast a clip showing Xi Jinping sitting in an amphibious armoured vhicle during an inspection to the PLA troops. It is unclear when the clip was shot.
CCTV7 ( via Hainan.net): 央视曝光习近平登上两栖战车画面