Xi at the helm – Guizhou to sell canned fresh air suggested by the President

2014032110344306458364As part of a larger scheme to promote the southwestern province Guizhou’s tourism, local authorities announced plans to manufacture canned fresh air. At a media conference on March 20, Fu Yingchun, head of Guizhou’s tourism bureau, told that the air cans will be sold as souvenirs to tourists and expressed confidence in the product’s success.

The announcement came weeks after Xi made the suggestion in a conversation with delegates from Guizhou during the annual Chinese People’s Congress meeting in Beijing earlier this month. Xi, when being told by Guizhou governor Chen Min’er that Guizhou’s average PM2.5 index was under 50, commented that “air quality is now a deciding factor in people’s perception of happiness,” and suggested that Guizhou “sell air cans in the future.”

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