Xi at the helm – Eating steamed buns with the people

Xi-Jinping-at-baozi-shop-530x397On December 28, a weibo user called Sihai Wei Chuanbo (四海微传播) posted several images showing what appears to be Xi Jinping having a meal at a restaurant along with a comment: “Uncle Xi queued to buy steamed buns, even paid his own bill, carried his tray, chose his own buns.” Although the person in the photos was originally suspected to be a looklike, scepticism fizzled away as the posting was soon forwarded by the Weibo accounts of Xinhua and other official media.

Multiple witness accounts indicate that Xi had a 21 yuan set meal consisting of six pork and onion buns, a dish of pork liver stew and a dish of fried mustard greens. The venue that the President chose to have his lunch is an outlet of chain baozi restaurant called Qing-Feng in Xicheng District of the capital city.

Though widely circulated on Weibo, there is little coverage of the event on the official media. Some followup reports say that the restaurant saw an influx of customers who came from all over the country to try the Presidential meal.

Update: Qing-Feng restaurant has seen increasing number of diners with sales rising four-fold in December. The restaurant has plans to franchise its name and expand overseas.

四海微传播: 习大大排队买包子,还自己买单、端盘子、取包子。以后庆丰可以出习总套餐啦。