Xi at the helm – Dining with PLA soldiers

14937207119866538990PLA Pictorial published a set of photos taken during Xi’s visit to a PLA border outpost in Inner Mongolia close to Mongolian People’s Republic. The description dated the visit to January 26. One particular image, which has been highlighted by some online media outlets, shows Xi queuing with the soldiers, with a cafeteria tray of food in hand, in which, there appears to be rice and what looks like a tommatto and egg dish. Similar to the Baozi episode, that Xi appeared with a commonman man’s dish, is engineered in such a way to add a touch of humility to the national leaderm who has been trying hard to cultivate a image of everyman’s President.

PLA Pictorial: 军方公布习近平视察照 吃西红柿炒鸡蛋