Xi all over Latin America

21 July 2014 — Newspaper front pages and website top headlines feature a variety of different stories, although as per recent custom, all except Tencent’s QQ News feature Xi Jinping as the main item:

Xinhua reports on Xi Jinping getting a Venezualean ‘Liberator’ award while the People Daily headlines with China and Venezela agreeing to raise their relationship to that of ‘comprehensive strategic partners’. Baidu News leads with news about itself: ‘Brazil and Chinese heads of state attend launch of Baidu’s Portuguese language search engine for Brazil’. Netease News leads with Xi’s arrival in Caracas.

Only QQ News is different, headlining with a package of stories titled ‘Who “killed” Malaysian Airlines flight MH17?’

Below the links is the front page of the People’s Daily from last week Friday.

Links and sources
Xinhua: 习近平接受委内瑞拉“解放者”勋章
People’s Daily: 中委元首:将两国提升为全面战略伙伴关系
Baidu News: 中巴两国元首共同出席百度巴西葡语搜索引擎启动仪式
QQ News: 谁“杀死”了马航MH17
Netease News: 习近平抵达加拉加斯开始对委内瑞拉进行国事访问

People's Daily front page 18 July 2014.

People’s Daily front page 18 July 2014.