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CcHWEV2UAAAT0EW1. Ren Zhiqiang Disgraced

Heat rises on China tycoon Ren Zhiqiang — FT.com
David Kelly, director of research at consultancy China Policy, said the affair had shocked Chinese society. “He’s crossed a line which is not just disrespectful to the emperor,” he said. “He represents a trend in society which is totally fed up. I was at a dinner party last night and the tone was disbelief.” Mr Ren, who for years has enjoyed engaging China’s leftists in fierce online battles, is controversial because of his statements and the wealth he earned by selling land owned by bankrupt state enterprises to property developers. But his forthright social and political comments have gained him popularity.

[Related] Celebrity microblogger’s account closed for posting illegal info – Xinhua Ren’s microblog accounts have been closed after netizens reported that he had regularly posted illegal information, “resulting in a vile influence,” according to Jiang.

[Related] 北京市西城区委:将依据党纪处分条例严肃处理任志强–时政–人民网 新华社北京2月29日电(记者乌梦达)29日晚,北京市西城区委下发《关于正确认识任志强严重违纪问题的通知》。通知指出,任志强作为一名共产党员,在网上持续公开发布违法信息和错误言论并产生恶劣影响,严重损害了党的形象。西城区委将严格按照《中国共产党纪律处分条例》,对任志强作出严肃处理。   据了解,西城区是任志强党组织关系所在地。

[Related] 安生:任志强在为谁讲话?——之房产经纪论【原创】导读:任志强全力鼓吹高房价,是为大多数老百姓讲真话吗?是为中国长远发展考虑吗?还是替极少数利用房地产热发大财的人(比如他和他的铁哥们潘石屹)说话?他只想浑水摸鱼鼓吹高房价,试图进一步推高房价以攫取更多的财富!

[Related] 光明网刊文:党校教授蔡霞为任志强喊冤叫屈,党性在哪里 – 澎湃 就在网民强烈谴责“优秀党员”任志强肆意攻击“党管媒体”原则之时,2月25日中央党校教授蔡霞却出人意料地为任志强“喊冤叫屈”。为公开发表反党言论的人进行辩护,党校教授蔡霞,你的党性在哪里?

Chinese Tycoon Criticizes Leader, and Wins Surprising Support – New York Times What happened next, however, was a startling departure from the standard script. Journalists, scholars and party insiders came forward to defend Mr. Ren. A professor at the party’s top academy spoke up. A prominent magazine rebuked censors. A letter supporting him signed by a staff member at the state news agency spread online. A party newspaper warned about the risks of crushing all dissent. Update on the Ren Zhiqiang incident. 

2. Trumpism reaches China

Chinese sound off on America’s loudest presidential hopeful – Global Times
GT interviews Chinese on impression of Donald Trump. “I watched many of Trump’s speeches, and his plain way of speaking is quite appealing and understandable to people living at the bottom of society, who might also be antipathetic to the elites represented by Hillary. Those people may vent their dissatisfaction for the status quo by supporting someone they find more down-to-earth. … I sincerely hope Trump wins, which could bring the world more fun.”

[Related] 你们选总统就选总统,为什么要伤害我们的长城? 这两天,随着美国总统候选人的竞争日趋白热化,共和党内目前广获民意支持的“大嘴炮”特朗普,就又抛出了一个雷人的言论:我们美国人应该效仿中国人修长城!可他的这番极为抓眼的言论,却导致咱中国人引以为傲的长城,惨遭“躺枪”… (Achieved below)

[Related] 共和党为什么要干掉领头羊特朗普 新华网北京3月5日电 一直与共和党传统势力“处不好”的地产大亨特朗普在美国总统预选“超级星期二”中的表现彻底打破了该党不少人最后的幻想:11个举行预选的州他拿下7个,主要竞争对手克鲁兹和鲁比奥被远远抛在后面。特朗普一骑绝尘,终于让共和党内各大派别感到了威胁。美国媒体报道,共和党内部一些重要派别已经开始合纵连横,要不惜代价将特朗普拉下马。那么问题来了,为什么共和党不仅不团结在受选民追捧的特朗普周围,反而要将这个领头羊“拉下马”?新华国际客户端为您解局。

3. P2P platform appeals to government to let it “show its absolute loyalty”

P2P公司惠卡世纪再发奇葩公告:请党和国家庇护|p2p|第三方支付|惠卡世纪_新浪财经_新浪网 公告中称,党和国家、政府接收惠卡65%股份后,最好以中央级企业存续并运作,也可以深圳市级或广东省级国企存续并运作。并请求给予惠卡18个月时间将惠卡旗下投资理财平台转型成为完全规范和所有国家监管政策要求的互联网金融平台,惠卡世纪董事长兼CEO何正松甚至称愿立下军令状:惠卡世纪变为国企之后,在2023年12月31日前为祖国将惠卡打造成为营销及服务网络机构遍及全球80%以上国家各大城市的世界100强科技及服务企业,全球最大的消费购物平台,如不能实现愿提头来见。 Shenzhen-based internet finance company Huika Century Group, which imposed a thirty-day suspension of withdrawals from its P2P platforms recently, issued a bizarre announcement on its official website entitled, “Asking for the party and government to give refuge and asylum to Century Group: let the company become an SOE and show its absolute loyalty to the country”.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 12.28.18 PM3. Mapping out censorship

中国电视剧原来是这样审查的!- 传媒内参 (China’s TV dramas go through this type of review! ) 电视剧的具体审查内容繁杂,而写进《电视剧内容管理规定》中的禁令11条大多是不能违反宪法等粗放式条文,因此电视剧内容管理的具体标准就落在了各种不会形成文件的领导讲话和相似案例解读上。影视公司和电视台会组织人员学习各类讲话和内部流传的各类电视剧修改意见。The specific content of television dramas that are subject to censorship is diverse, and the 11 prohibitions written into the Television Drama Content Management Law like not violating the constitution are far-ranging. Thus, the specific standards for TV show content management falls on the interpretation of various documents of leadership speeches and similar cases. Movie and television production companies and television stations form groups to study various types of speeches and internally propagated revisions to all types of TV shows.

以下9项审查“隐形规定”,即制作者靠经验自觉规避的情节禁区。Below are nine censorship “invisible rules”, namely the restricted areas of plot that producers based on experience consciously avoid.

  1. 主人公不能太花心,小三不能有幸福
    The main character cannot be too dissipate, mistresses cannot feel happy
  2. 80后未婚生子情节一律绕道
    Plot lines with unmarried post-80s generation woen giving birth must without exception be glossed over
  3. 有犯罪就必须有警察,自杀情节不能是社会原因
    When there’s a crime there must be a police, suicide plot lines cannot have a social cause.
  4. 主人公政治立场要正确,积极向党组织靠拢
    Main character must hold correct political position, actively position themselves close to the party
  5. 拒绝鬼魂,“异能”人士只存在于儿童剧
    Reject ghosts, “special function” figures can only exist in children shows
  6. 校园内不能有早恋,不能有暴力
    Neither adolescent love or violence can transpire on campuses
  7. 政治剧贪腐剧一律不用真实地名
    Political and corruption dramas without exception should not use names resembling real people
  8. 不得篡改戏说经典历史人物和故事
    Do not falsify or tamper with dramatic narration of historical figures or stories
  9. 不能美化犯罪分子和已有定论的反面人物的形象
    Do not embellish the image of criminal elements or figures that have already be judged negatively

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China’s : The state-owned zombie economy — FT.com Cosco is a vivid example of the problems facing China’s inefficient and debt-ridden state-owned enterprises. Excluding one-off items, the company lost Rmb3.8bn ($580m) in the first nine months of 2015. Its net debt-to-equity ratio, at 206 per cent at the end of September, was more than triple the average of 66 per cent for Shanghai-listed companies, according to Wind Information, a Chinese financial database.

Exclusive: China to lay off five to six million workers, earmarks at least $23 billion | Reuters
China aims to lay off 5-6 million state workers over the next two to three years as part of efforts to curb industrial overcapacity and pollution, two reliable sources said, Beijing’s boldest retrenchment program in almost two decades. China’s leadership, obsessed with maintaining stability and making sure redundancies do not lead to unrest, will spend nearly 150 billion yuan ($23 billion) to cover layoffs in just the coal and steel sectors in the next 2-3 years. The overall figure is likely to rise as closures spread to other industries and even more funding will be required to handle the debt left behind by “zombie” state firms.

[Related] As China slashes coal jobs, miners protest in Party’s revolutionary base – The Washington Post It was there, nearly a century ago, that Mao Zedong and other intellectuals leading the brand-new party made their first connection with ordinary workers, helping to unionize and mobilize them for what is known as the Great Strike of 1922. On Tuesday, though, hundreds of coal miners from Anyuan and nearby mines marched through the city of Pingxiang in a protest — not on behalf of the Communist Party but against it. China announced Monday that it expects to slash 1.8 million jobs in its coal and steel sectors, about 15 percent of the total workforce, as it struggles to reduce overcapacity in its bloated mining and industrial enterprises amid a deepening economic slowdown.

Text and Time

In a Harvard Scholar’s 18th-Century History, Glimpses of Modern China – The New York Times In “Soulstealers: The Chinese Sorcery Scare of 1768” (Harvard University Press, 1990), Mr. Kuhn examined the mass hysteria that broke out over rumors that sorcerers were roaming the country, cutting off men’s braids and stealing their souls, and what this revealed about the inner functioning of the state. […]  “This book really addresses basic issues in Chinese society and culture,” said Liu Chang, a history professor at East China Normal University in Shanghai. On the influence of the late Philip A. Kuhn, the author of Soulstealers.

[Related] 书评 | 叫魂案:乾隆与群臣的角斗 – 旧闻评论 “叫魂”是一种妖术,据说可以通过施法于受害者的姓名、毛发或衣物来窃取他们的灵魂精气,为己所用。盗来的灵魂会有奇异的效能(如用于加强建筑物的强度),而被盗去了灵魂的人则会“失魂落魄”,乃至丧命。

Think 34 Francis Fukuyama with Eric X Li – YouTube

美国学者沈大伟与中国学者王文对话:我不认为中国会崩溃_国际新闻_环球网 美国著名的“中国通”——乔治·华盛顿大学教授沈大伟(David Shambaugh)2015年3月在《华尔街日报》发表题为“中国即将崩溃”的文章,这种突喊“中国崩溃论”的做法不仅引起国际舆论的关注,也被很多中国人看成是“对中国发展的不必要干扰”。时隔一年,中国人民大学重阳金融研究院执行院长王文在美国与沈大伟进行了一次真诚和坦率的沟通。沈大伟教授表示,愿意公开发表澄清其对“中国即将崩溃”的看法。以下是双方对话主要内容:“我必须要澄清,说中国崩溃不是我本意”。Global Times on David Shambaugh’s about-face– in 2015, he published an op-ed in WSJ entitled, “The Chinese Coming Crackup”, which appeared to suggest China was on a path toward’s collapse. 

指导做好新形势下党的新闻舆论工作的纲领性文献—— 学习贯彻习近平总书记在党的新闻舆论工作座谈会上重要讲话精神 – 求实  猴年新春伊始,2月19日,习近平总书记先后到人民日报社、新华社、中央电视台调研,主持召开党的新闻舆论工作座谈会并发表重要讲话。这篇重要讲话闪烁着马克思主义新闻观的思想光辉,深刻回答了党的新闻事业发展一系列重大问题,丰富和发展了党的新闻舆论工作理论,具有很强的政治性、思想性和指导性,是指导做好新形势下党的新闻舆论工作的纲领性文献。当前和今后一个时期,摆在全党特别是新闻舆论战线和宣传思想文化部门面前的一项重要政治任务,就是要深入学习领会、全面贯彻落实讲话精神,切实把思想和行动统一到讲话精神上来,努力开创党的新闻舆论工作新局面。


Chinese celebrities warned not to mix with exiled Tibetans – Washington Post BEIJING — China’s state media have criticized celebrities for attending an event in northeastern India with members of the Tibetan government-in-exile, adding to Chinese authorities’ warnings that actors and singers must “serve the people and socialism.”

Detained bookseller Lee Bo says he will ‘give up UK citizenship’ in Chinese TV ‘interview’ | Hong Kong Free Press
In an “exclusive” interview with China’s Phoenix TV, detained Hong Kong bookseller Lee Bo has said he wishes to give up his British citizenship. “A lot of people also made a huge fuss with the issue of UK residency, and it has become complicated. Therefore I have decided to give up my right to reside in the UK. My wife has agreed to this,” he said, speaking in Cantonese on the Phoenix TV news programme.

[Related] Hong Kong Bookseller Denies Kidnapped by China, Says to Renounce UK Citizenship – The New York Times
“I have always felt that I’m a Hong Kong citizen, a Chinese citizen, and because people have used my British nationality to sensationalize and make the situation more complicated, that’s why I’m deciding to give up my British nationality,” said Lee, who appeared calm in the interview. “Why have I acted so mysteriously? It’s because I’ve had to assist with a mainland Chinese investigation and it required testifying against some people.”

US condemns Zhang Kai ‘confession’ on Chinese state TV – BBC The US says a purported confession from a prominent Chinese lawyer on state television runs counter to the rule of law. Zhang Kai admitted to various crimes including disturbing social order in a broadcast on Thursday. He has been helping defend Christians resisting government orders to remove crosses from buildings.


Chinese propaganda machine places hopes in cartoon rappers – AP BEIJING (AP) — What’s the world’s largest propaganda organ to do when it finds itself struggling to get TV drama-obsessed young Chinese to pay attention to the latest raft of Communist Party slogans? Standing over a video-editing computer on the third floor of the Xinhua News Agency headquarters, Li Keyong is convinced the answer lies in a cartoon character rapping while performing the 1990s dance move known as “raising the roof.”

China bans depictions of gay people on television – Guardian The government said the show contravened the new guidelines, which state that “No television drama shall show abnormal sexual relationships and behaviours, such as incest, same-sex relationships, sexual perversion, sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual violence, and so on.” The ban also extends to smoking, drinking, adultery, sexually suggestive clothing, even reincarnation. China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television told television producers it would constantly monitor TV channels to ensure the new rules were strictly adhered to.

[Related] New TV Rules Ban “Abnormal Sexual Behavior” – China Digital Times (CDT) Round-up of media coverage.

Newspaper Editor Fired Over Front Page Double Meaning – China Digital Times (CDT)
 An editor at the liberal Southern Metropolis Daily has been fired after the paper’s Shenzhen edition paired a banner headline of President Xi Jinping’s call for state media loyalty with a lower headline on the sea burial of a prominent reformist, a combination that could be read as a veiled criticism of Xi’s media policy.

[Related] Hidden Message Suspected on Chinese Front Page, and Speculation Swirls – New York Times The usual mechanics of a suppressed political scandal have kicked into full gear, with the apparent “hidden poem,” a political tradition in China, coming at a time of ideological tension as the government expands its control. Tensions are also rising before the start of the annual National People’s Congress in Beijing this week.


Minitrue: Do Not Hype Jiang Zemin’s Broken Tablet [Updated] – China Digital Times (CDT) Regarding news of the breaking apart of the stone tablet at Xiamen’s Jimei Bridge, make sure not to republish political rumors. Do not unduly hype the story. (February 29, 2016)

Oscar Streams Canceled as Online Video Rules Tighten – China Digital Times (CDT)
Cosco is a vivid example of the problems facing China’s inefficient and debt-ridden state-owned enterprises. Excluding one-off items, the company lost Rmb3.8bn ($580m) in the first nine months of 2015. Its net debt-to-equity ratio, at 206 per cent at the end of September, was more than triple the average of 66 per cent for Shanghai-listed companies, according to Wind Information, a Chinese financial database. […] Speculation on Sina Weibo attributed the cancellation of the broadcast to the nomination of two films, Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom and Racing Extinction. Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom is one of this year’s nominees for Best Documentary Feature.


Ray Hecht | China-based writings, other locales and fandoms and travels… Re: Planet Earth
It was totally surreal. I was sitting on a curb catching up with a few pals, and suddenly saw a few police officers run down the hill. I took my girlfriend’s arm and everybody walked away at a brisk pace. Then, the abrupt end to the music caused a weird shift in scenery. The silence came with a sense of panic, and everyone started dashing toward and exit. There was a serious danger of trampling at that point. My first thought was that people were overreacting and it couldn’t be such a big deal, but I soon noticed there was something different about the closure of this party. First-hand account of drug raid on a rave in Shenzhen


Another Chinese judge killed | Supreme People’s Court Monitor
The Chinese legal community is mourning Judge Ma Caiyun, who served in a tribunal of the Changping District Court, in suburban Beijing, is understood to have been killed outside her home by two men, one of whom was a party to a divorce property settlement case. (They have committed suicide.)  Her husband, a court policeman, was wounded.

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