Weekly round-up: Letter calls for Xi’s resignation


Signs of dissent amid restricted media environment

China’€™s Censors Denounced in Online Attack – The New York Times
China’s formidable propaganda apparatus came under renewed attack on Friday, when a denunciation spread online in the name of an employee of Xinhua, the main state-run news agency. The letter accused censors of using tactics reminiscent of Maoist times to silence and smear critics. The letter reflected a growing discontent among journalists, academics and even party insiders about the tighter censorship and about the giddy exultation of President Xi Jinping in state-run media. “Under the crude rule of the Internet control authorities, online expression has been massively suppressed, and the public’s freedom of expression has been violated to an extreme degree,” said the letter, which spread quickly online in China and was taken down just as swiftly.

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Chinese website publishes, then pulls, explosive letter calling for President Xi’s resignation – The Washington Post
Two weeks after China’s President toured state media offices and called for absolute loyalty from the press, a website with links to the government published an explosive letter asking him to resign “for the future of the country and the people.” The letter was reportedly posted in the early hours of March 4 by a website called Wujie News, which is jointly owned by SEEC Media Group, Alibaba and the government of Xinjiang, in China’s far northwest. The Washington Post found a cached version of the document that shows the post live on the site.

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钟南山代表:20%的医学生毕业不从医 让我很揪心_专题频道_财新网 央行副行长兼国家外汇管理局局长潘功胜表示,房地产开发企业、房地产中介机构自办的金融业务没有取得相应的资质,是违法从事金融业务,且还存在着自我融资、自我担保、搞资金池的现象。“央行与相关部门一起,结合即将开始的互联网金融的专项整治活动,对房地产中介机构、房地产开发企业以及他们与P2P平台合作开展的金融业务开始进行清理和整顿,打击为客户提供首付贷融资、加大购房杠杆、变相突破住房信贷政策的行为。”潘功胜指出。

Labor Protests Multiply as Economy Slows – China Digital Times (CDT)

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Whack-a-Tiger: Xi Jinping Clobbers Corrupt Officials in New Video – China Real Time Report – WSJ The Chinese Communist Party’s ever-expanding propaganda arsenal includes rap songs, psychedelic music videos and cartoons of President Xi Jinping. Now, a Chinese animation studio has taken things one step further – by taking on Mr. Xi’s domestic political opponents by name. A new animated video making the rounds on China’s state-run media depicts a cartoon version of Mr. Xi vanquishing officials with a mallet, whack-a-mole style. Advertisement

In Xi Jinping’s Tears, a Message for China’s People – The New York Times It appears to be part of a broad effort to humanize Mr. Xi and build a cult of personality around him, an endeavor that has gone beyond anything dedicated to recent Chinese leaders. State and Communist Party news outlets as well as Chinese social media have carried cartoons, songs and photos of the daily life of Xi Dada, a nickname for the Chinese leader that means Daddy or Uncle Xi.

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Two Uyghurs Are Killed in Hunt For Indonesia’s Most Wanted Militant – Radio Free Asia


The business of censorship: Documents show how Weibo filters sensitive news in China – Committee to Protect Journalists The popular social media site often provides a platform for journalists and Chinese citizens to discuss news and contentious issues that mainstream press are barred from reporting on. A set of documents provided to CPJ by a former employee in Weibo’s censorship department however, sheds light on how the site must tread a fine line between appeasing government censors and encouraging users to keep posting to its site.

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The Good — And Bad — About China’s New Charity Law – China Real Time Report – WSJ

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