US company receives record fine under new anti-pollution regulations

The company received and signing fines (Source: The Beijing News)

The company being issued with the fine on Monday (The Beijing News)

Babcock & Wilcox is a US-based company “that provides design, engineering, manufacturing, construction and facilities management services to nuclear, renewable, fossil power, industrial and government customers worldwide.” Yet on Monday this week the company was issued with a fine of 300,000 yuan in China, the largest ever fine issued under Beijing’s new Air Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations that came into effect in March this year.

The fine was issued after the company was found to be conducting brush painting in a large open-air area at its plant, and gas containing volatile organic compounds was discharged into the atmosphere. This violates the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations and thus the company received the highest ever fine (the previous highest fine related to organic waste gas was 50,000).

According to Yan Xiangyang, investigator at the Municipal Environmental Monitoring Corps, starting from March 1, the time when the regulations came into effect, Beijing has issued punishment for 178 cases of illegal acts, and the total amount of fines issued amounted to more than 3.5 million yuan.