Urumqi 5-22 Violent Terrorist Incident

Screenshot from Xinhua special page on Urumqi 5-22 Violent Terrorist Incident

Screenshot from Xinhua special page on Urumqi 5-22 Violent Terrorist Incident

Xinhua is calling the bombing attacks in Urumqi on May 22 that killed 31 people and injured scores the “Urumqi 5-22 violent terrorist incident”(乌鲁木齐“5·22”暴力恐怖案) and has devoted a special section of their website to reporting on the case.

Below is a list of links to relevant Chinese media reports published on May 29 or later. At the bottom of the post is a list of links to article published May 22 to 28.

May 30
China Daily: Beijing residents collect anti-terrorist info
Xinhua: Central leadership pledges better governance, lasting peace in Xinjiang

May 29
Xinhua: 习近平:各民族要像石榴籽那样紧紧抱在一起
China Daily: Xinjiang to hit button for textile jobs boost
Xi endorses jobs increase in Xinjiang

Links May 22 to May 30, 2014

乌鲁木齐发生一起爆炸案 造成人员伤亡
习近平李克强对乌鲁木齐暴力恐怖案作出重要批示, 暴恐分子,丢掉那些可怜的幻想!
China’s police chief calls for severe punishment on Xinjiang terrorist attackers
International community strongly condemn Urumqi terror attack
People united against antihuman terrorists
People’s Daily
China Voice: A soft touch in anti-terror fight
实现长治久安 建设美好新疆——党的十八大以来党中央稳疆兴疆重大决策部署纪实
官方辟谣:”新疆局地将断网通知”是假文件 破绽太多
Global Times
Unity Vital for Fightong Terrorism
Applause for US recognizing terrorism
Anti-terror plans go national

A one-year anti-terrorism campaign in Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, which vows “ultra-tough measures and unconventional means,” will expand nationwide as terrorist threats become a new norm.
Analysts said the campaign, which is expected to shake off some unnecessary constraints, will deal with the root cause of terrorism in Xinjiang.

Offbeat China
Chinese netizens call for “eye for an eye” retaliation after deadly blasts in Urumqi
23 terror, religious extremism groups busted in Xinjiang
China Daily
Police identify Urumqi attack suspects
Terror fight ‘must be intensified’
Dawn (Pakistan)
Etim targeted in Pakistan air strikes?

May 22 – Since yesterday, at least 73 suspected local and foreign militants have been killed in a series of air strikes on hideouts and bases in North Waziristan and in a later clash following an attack on security personnel. An army major and three other security personnel died in that clash.
The targets of Wednesday’s air strikes were strongholds of the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement (Etim) — a militant outfit comprising largely Turkic-speaking militants from Uzbekistan and Uighurs from China’s north-western autonomous region of Xinjiang.

中国开展为期1年严打暴恐行动 以新疆为主战场
中国开展为期1年严打暴恐行动 以新疆为主战场
China Digital Times
Five Suicide Bombers Accused of Xinjiang Attack
Far West China
Update on the Urumqi, Xinjiang Attacks (Can I Still Travel to Xinjiang?)

Xinjiang police launch new operation against terror groups
23 terror, religious extremism groups busted in Xinjiang
Jamestown China Brief
Beijing, Kunming, Urumqi and Guangzhou: The Changing Landscape of Anti-Chinese Jihadists
Want China Times
WhatsApp rumor about Uyghur attack in HK goes viral
Party Investigates Uygur Official over Public Comments
55 People Sentenced at Mass Trial in Xinjiang
国信办开展专项行动 严打网络暴恐音视频
Beijing Youth Daily