‘University teachers are at the front lines of ideological work’

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The Paper: 中办国办:高校书记校长要站在意识形态工作第一线
‘University teachers are at the front lines of ideological work’

GreatFire.org: Outlook grim – Chinese authorities attack Microsoft

Rule of law
BBC: Wealthy prisoners buy ‘get out of jail’ patents
Beijing Youth Daily: “监狱发明家”已成产业链?
Caixin: Rule of Law in China? Not Until Lawyers Are Respected

Global Times: Foreign face, Chinese heart

Li Yizu is not a typical Chinese man. For a start, he doesn’t look like one.
Ever since he was a child, he has been singled out for his chiseled facial features, blue eyes and blond hair.
In 1938, a year after Japan initiated its full-scale invasion of China, a Caucasian woman of unknown nationality gave birth to him in a Christian hospital in Tianjin. Then without a word, she vanished from his life.
His foster mother, a woman from Shandong Province, raised him during the turmoil of the war and later sent him to college in Beijing in the late 1950s.
For the next 50 years, Li worked as a geologist in Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, traveling through mountains and steppes to find mineral deposits.

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