The reputation of 2nd Generation Reds and PLA song and dance troupes

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled 17 November 2014.

Australia – China trade / G20
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

The reputation of 2nd Generation Reds and PLA song and dance troupes

The Beijing News / China News: 胡乔木女儿:极少数红二代破坏革命后代形象

The Paper: 许其亮:坚决反对妖魔化军队文艺工作,军事文艺要凤凰涅槃

The People’s Daily: 这两年,改变中国的15个“热词”

Occupy Hong Kong

Xinhua: HK student protest leaders unable to leave for Beijing due to invalid documents

Brisbane G20

The People’s Daily: 【见闻】为了不输北京APEC,澳大利亚G20也拼了

New York Times, journalist visas, and Xi’s reply

Xinhua: Commentary: No excuse for Western media to run unchecked in China, 新华国际时评:《纽约时报》的失实、失态、失信

China Media Project: Posts on Xi’s snubbing of NYT deleted

The China Daily: Don’t ignore different rulebook


Xinhua: Sino-Africa cooperation brings more “made-in-Africa” goods

CBS News: China tests malaria drug on an entire African nation

Liaoning newspaper snooping on teachers and calling for positive energy

China Media Project: College teachers must be more “positive”

Netease: 辽宁党报:高校老师勿抹黑中国

Business and banks

Caixin: Visa, MasterCard Confront China’s Stacked Deck

Visa and MasterCard executives eager to expand in China were thrilled recently when Premier Li Keqiang seemed to suggest that a door would open to them for bank card yuan business in the country.

But they had read Li wrong: The premier’s statement in late October did not signal an opening to overseas bank card firms. Instead, it signaled tougher times.