The most popular railway lines during the Spring Festival travel rush

Shenzhen Wanbao 7Jan13The front page of the Shenzhen Evening News today reports on the findings of a new report released yesterday entitled “Alipay Users Spring Festival Travel Report” (支付宝用户春运报告), which, the newspaper says, for the first time reveals statistics on the railway lines most favored by travelers during the Spring Festival travel rush. The report is based on statistics collected by Alipay on 100 million users of the online payment platform.

The statistics reveal that the three most popular railway lines are the ones linked with Hunan, Hubei and Henan provinces; these three provinces are the leading destinations for migrants in the Spring Festival rush. On the other hand, Guangdong is the province with the most emigration during the Spring Festival.


According to the report, the ten most popular railway lines for this year’s Spring Festival travel rush are:

  1. Guangdong – Hunan
  2. Guangdong – Hubei
  3. Beijing – Hubei
  4. Guangdong – Guangxi
  5. Shanghai – Jiangsu
  6. Guangdong – Sichuan
  7. Guangdong – Jiangxi
  8. Guangdong – Henan
  9. Jiangsu – Anhui
  10. Zhejiang – Anhui

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