The Asia-Pacific Dream

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled 10 November 2014.

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Xi and Abe shake hands reluctantly; image from BBC, no similar image has been circulated on mainland Chinese news organs

China – Japan thaw
People’s Daily: China-Japan easing a welcome surprise
The New York Times: China and Japan, in Sign of a Thaw, Agree to Disagree on a Disputed Island Group
Xinhua: Commentary: An encouraging breakthrough in China-Japan rapprochement; The only link on Xinhua’s Chinese home page was to this two line notice: 习近平主席应约会见日本首相安倍晋三
Japan Times: Tokyo admits ‘differing views’ on Senkakus, opening door to Abe-Xi meeting
BBC: 中日首脑安倍晋三与习近平在北京会面 (image source)
The Wall Street Journal: Who Gave Ground? China, Japan Tweak Translations to Claim Victory

Xinhua: Chinese president proposes Asia-Pacific dream
The People’s Daily: 习近平出席开幕式并发表主旨演
The Wall Street Journal: Xi Jinping: China’s Economic Risks ‘Not That Scary’
China President Xi Jinping Tells APEC Meeting That Slower Growth is ‘New Normal’

Xinhua: Australia-China free-trade agreement moves closer after signing new billion-dollar deal

Australia and China are set to complete a second, multi-billion dollar trade deal within a week, reaching an agreement to lift exports and cut the price of some consumer goods.

The announcement comes as a historic free-trade agreement between the two countries grows ever closer, with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop confirming on Monday she was ” optimistic” that a deal will come to fruition in the coming days.


Image from ‘How did Weibo die?’ 微博死于什么

Censorship and media / Internet regulation
Paopao Report: 微博死于什么 (image source)
BusinessWeek: Beijing Unveils Plan to Censor Social Media and Cloud Data Storage

The Financial Review: Casinos feel pinch of China’s crackdown
Chinese corruption crackdowns and smoking bans hitting Macau will be an earnings drag on James Packer’s Crown Resorts because of its reliance on the global gaming hub for growth.

High speed rail
Xinhua: China Railway Construction “extremely shocked” by Mexico’s scrapping of rail deal
Global Post: Mexico defends its decision to scrap Chinese bullet train deal
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto will likely have to personally explain his decision to Chinese President Xi Jinping when he flies to China for a series of meetings on Sunday.

The New York Times: Chinese Officials Issue Rules for Employing Uighurs in the South