Thailand deports Chinese dissidents

Thailand deports Chinese dissidents

The New York Times: Thailand Deports 2 Dissidents to China, Rights Groups Say
  • dissidents who had sought sanctuary in Thailand have been sent back to China, despite winning official recognition as refugees, rights groups said Wednesday. The groups denounced the act by the Thai authorities as a betrayal of the men’s right to flee feared political persecution and torture.
The Guardian: UN condemns Thai repatriation of Chinese dissidents
  • The world body’s refugee agency, UNHCR, did not name the activists or their nationalities but said it was “deeply concerned over the refoulement of two recognised refugees from Thailand”. “This action by Thailand is clearly a serious disappointment, and underscores the longstanding gap in Thai domestic law concerning ensuring appropriate treatment of persons with international protection needs,” the UNHCR said.
Reporters Without Borders: China pursues journalists and dissidents overseas
  • The Thai police arrested the cartoonist, Jiang Yefei (姜野飞), on 28 October, held him in a prison for illegal immigrants in Bangkok for just over two weeks and finally put him on a plane chartered by the Chinese government on 13 November after denying him any contact with his family for the last eight days.

Building a better party

The People’s Daily: 完善党领导经济社会发展工作体制(学习贯彻党的十八届五中全会精神)
  • “十三五”时期是全面建成小康社会决胜阶段,我国发展仍处于可以大有作为的重要战略机遇期,也面临诸多矛盾叠加、风险隐患增多的严峻挑战。面对新形势新任务,必须增强忧患意识、责任意识,着眼于推进国家治理体系和治理能力现代化,适应和引领经济发展新常态,坚持全面从严治党,全面提高党的建设科学化水平,全面推进党的建设制度改革,充分发挥党总揽全局、协调各方的领导核心作用,不断增强战略定力和发展耐力,不断提升战略思维能力、统筹施策能力、抢抓机遇能力、依法执政能力、防控风险能力,进一步提高党领导发展的能力和水平,确保夺取全面建成小康社会决胜阶段的伟大胜利
The People’s Daily: 三严三实”专题教育–党建
  • Special topic on the “three stricts and three honests.”

Don’t jump to conclusions about the chengguan

The People’s Daily: 人民网评:用理性扳正“城管=打人”的惯性思维
  • 由于缺乏记录整个过程的视频做交叉印证,尚不能对城管到底为何被围殴下定论。但可以肯定的是,网上视频中的城管和警察并无出格举动,执法行为也合乎规范。相反,现场倒是有一堆好事者,对执法人员进行言语攻击和人身威胁。看了“城管打人”标题就兴奋的网友,难道就没有想过,自己不过脑的转发、评论,会给事实认定形成错误引导,并给当事人带来极为不利的负面影响?

The crackdown continues

China Change: Is Death Through Maltreatment Becoming Routine for Chinese Political Prisoners?
  • Before the policy of “reform and opening up” in 1979, counterrevolutionaries and other political prisoners were put under strict guard and treated worse than other criminals, and it was common in those days for them to suffer abuse or die from maltreatment. For a long time after “reform and opening up,” political prisoners began to be treated a bit better relative to other criminals. But in the past few years—especially since Xi Jinping came to power—political prisoners have actually started to be singled out for abuse
The New York Times: China Faces Sharp Questioning by U.N. Panel on Torture
  • The unusual grilling of senior Chinese officials came as its ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, Wu Hailong, presented a report to the Committee Against Torture that was China’s first appearance before the panel since 2008.

Making Christianity work for the party

The Guardian: China accused of trying to ‘co-opt and emasculate’ Christianity
  • A secretive conference to examine the future of Christianity in China is due to take place in Beijing this week amid rapid growth of the religion, which many believe has more Chinese adherents than the 87-million member Communist party. An official at the government-controlled Institute of World Religions, which is helping to organise the conclave, declined to provide details of its agenda. But Yang Fenggang, director of Purdue University’s centre on religion and Chinese society, said many Chinese Christians believed the conference was part of a government push to create a more “submissive” church. “It is clear that the top leaders feel unease with Christianity,” he said.

Put down the phone for the kids, pleads state media

People’s Daily: 人民日报人民时评:别让“心酸手机” 灼伤“爱的能力”
  • 手机玩到烫手,灼伤的是亲情与友情,尤其是最需要家长陪伴和呵护的孩子。对孩子来说,父母的关爱绝不只是提供物质的保障,缺乏父母关注和陪伴的孩子往往会患上“感情饥渴症”,对他人冷漠,对社会敌视,对自己厌弃。因此,“为了孩子,请放下手中的智能手机”,已成为世界多国民众的共同呼声。

China retaliates for Xinjiang attack

The New York Times: Police in China Kill 17 Linked to Mine Attack, Report Says
  • The authorities killed 17 people, including several women and children, in a raid last week in the volatile Chinese region of Xinjiang, a news report said Wednesday. The people were said to have been involved in a knife attack that left 50 people dead in September at a coal mine near the border with Kyrgyzstan, said Radio Free Asia, a news agency financed by the United States government.
China Media Project: China’s double standard
  • Try to imagine a similar scenario unfolding in Paris after the recent attacks.What if the French government’s first move had been to forestall all media reporting with a stern order against any and all coverage? What if it had, with no mention whatsoever of the death toll, allowed only a trickle of official coverage about how how leaders were giving the case top priority, how they had ordered a full investigation and so on?

Hong Kong at a soccer match

Canberra Times: Hong Kong defies China in 2018 World Cup Asian qualifying match
  • Hong Kong citizens used a soccer match with China on Tuesday night to express their ill will towards Beijing, including booing and jeering the Chinese national anthem, which is also Hong Kong’s. Banners declaring “Hong Kong is not China” were unfurled.
The Australian: Hong Kong defies China in 2018 World Cup Asian qualifying match
  • The question “what is China” is being asked with increasing intensity in the country’s borderlands — coming to the fore at Hong Kong’s Mong Kok Stadium on Tuesday night, when the Hong Kong minnows held China to a 0-0 draw in a soccer World Cup qualifying game. Young fans — who are likely to have supported last year’s “umbrella movement” of protesters calling for greater autonomy for Hong Kong — brandished banners including one saying “Hong Kong is not China” .

Serializing the youth study abroad experience

The New York Times: Review: ‘A Journey Through Time With Anthony’ Adapts a Chinese Young-Adult Novel
  • This featherweight quasi romance, rife with chaste longing and adolescent sentiment, does not earn points for the insufferable presence of a tiny, bunny-eared animated creature — embodying innocence — that appears at times to comfort or entertain Anthony.
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