Terrorism news roundup

The last few days have seen a number of articles on Xinjiang and terrorism in both Chinese and foreign media. This is a roundup:

June 24
Netease: 打击涉藏涉疆非法出版物座谈会召开
China News: 暴恐袭击调查:暴徒接触极端思想1月参与砍杀

June 23

Legal Daily
新疆一个月打掉32个暴力恐怖团伙 6名民警牺牲、殉职

China vows crackdown on terrorist, separatist publications

China Daily
32 terror groups busted in Xinjiang

QQ News / The Beijing News 新京报
Street vendors brought into anti-terrorism system – to use mobile phones to report suspicious activities at any time
北京菜贩鞋匠纳入反恐情报体系 随时用手机反馈

China News
Illegal underground religious base destroyed in Korla,Xinjiang
新疆库尔勒捣毁一地下非法教经点 解救两名幼童

Haiwai Net
Xinjiang smashes 32 terror groups in one month, 6 police officers died in the line of duty
新疆一个月打掉32个暴恐团伙 6名民警牺牲殉职

Xinjiang Autonomous Region to build Kashgar University, Shenzhen to donate 1 billion yuan
新疆自治区筹建喀什大学 深圳援助10亿元
First month of strike hard campaign against terrorism: Citizens provide more than 400 clues

June 22

Radio Free Asia
Five Police Officers Killed in Attack on Xinjiang Security Checkpoint

June 21

CCTV (on Youtube)
Xinjiang attacker ‘blinded by religious extremism’ (televised confession, see also Financial TimesChina broadcasts confession by Xinjiang attacker)

China Daily
13 dead, 3 injured in Xinjiang police station attack, 13 executed over terror attacks, violent crimes in Xinjiang

Al Jazeera
Thirteen shot dead after China bomb attack