Talking about my constitution

Below is a scrapbook of links and notes compiled on 3 November 2014.

Constitution and rule of law 法治
Chinese filmmaker to stand trial for constitution documentary

A filmmaker who made a documentary on China’s constitutional governance will stand trial on charges of “illegal business activity”, raising questions about Beijing’s promise to uphold the rule of law in accordance with the constitution.

Shen Yongping will be the first person prosecuted for documenting China’s constitutional history in a film called “100 years of constitutional governance”, his lawyer, Zhang Xuezhong, told Reuters in a telephone interview on Monday.

The film is on Youtube: 百年宪政 by 刘无荻 or watch below.

China Media Project
What does Xi mean by “rule of law”?

Internet, censorship, the decline of Weibo
China to hold high-level world Internet conference

China will host a high-profile Internet conference next month, bringing together more than 1,000 representatives from tech firms and regulators, said China’s top Internet regulator Lu Wei on Thursday.The event will be held from Nov. 19-21 in Wuzhen, a historic water town in Zhejiang Province.The conference will cover topics including global Internet governance, mobile Internet, cross-border e-commerce, cyber security and terrorism.

Fei Chang Dao
Internet Regulator Lu Wei: “I Believe That Some Websites May Not be Accessible”
China’s Internet chief accuses U.S. of hacking but says talks “unhindered”
Offbeat China
Prominent Weibo account with more than 7 million followers was sold for 50 yuan ($8)

The Financial Review
China escalates Fox Hunt by freezing forex accounts

Chinese authorities are freezing the foreign exchange accounts of Chinese individuals sending money to Australia who are suspected of corruption.

The development comes as China’s Ministry of Public Security announced operation ‘Fox Hunt’, a campaign against corrupt officials living overseas, has netted 180 suspects in just over three months.

Shared vertical destiny
The Guardian
China’s obsession with vertical cities

By the end of next year one-in-three of the world’s 100m+ skyscrapers will be in China, as its state-orchestrated urbanisation drive prompts a megacity building bonanza

The Environment
The Guardian
Tuna firm’s bungled IPO exposes China’s flouting of global fishing rules

South and Central Asia, terrorism
India Today
Delhi, Kabul warn China: Pak maybe your ally but it exports terror

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