Taiwan’s response to the military parade: The ‘other’ version of WWII

Cross-strait relations

A veteran of the ROC army participates in a Taiwanese parade commemorating the 70th anniversary of the war. Source: Weibo

A veteran of the ROC army participates in a Taiwanese parade commemorating the 70th anniversary of the war. Source: Weibo

United Daily News: Tiananmen Parade: A Big-Power Struggle.
  • Taiwanese president Ma Ying-jeou has critised Lien Chan’s decision to attend the Victory Day military parade in Beijing, arguing that participation in the event would be ‘inappropriate.’ Other prominent Taiwanese figures have also come out against the event as an ahistorical representation of the reality of the defeat of Japan at the end of WWII that minimises the pivotal role of the Kuomintang and instead bolsters the actions of the Communist Party.
Taiwanese press: Ma: Truth of the War Should Not Be Forgotten.
  • While presiding over celebrations of the victory of the Republic of China (ROC) over the Japanese at the end of WWII, President Ma urged his audience not to forget the truth of the nature of the conflict, and the importance of future peace in Asia.
Taipei Times: Lien flies to China amid controversy.
  • In the face of criticism from a number of politicians, former Taiwanese vice president Lien Chan flew to Beijing to observe the military parade held to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Japan. Lien’s aide stated that the event was an important one for all of the zhonghua minzu (Chinese ethnic group), and that Lien would make ‘appropriate statements’ about the nature of the victory of the war.
Taipei Times: Lien Chan’s China plans ‘inappropriate’: president.
  • President Ma Ying-jeou strongly criticized former vice president Lien Chan’s decision to attend the military parade in Beijing.

Sino-Russian relations

New York Times: Friendship between Putin and Xi becomes strained as economies falter.
  • As the Chinese economy slows and Russian economy falters, the once-strong political alliance between China and Russia appears to be cooling. Experts speculate that Russian friendship may be more trouble than it is worth for China in the current climate.

Ai Weiwei on the road

The Guardian: Ai Weiwei gives first public talk since 2011 – and becomes a selfie Santa Claus.
  • Ai Weiwei took Berlin by storm during his first public appearance outside of China since his detention in 2011. Speaking alongside noted dissident poet Liao Yiwu, Ai spoke frankly about his experiences and the reasoning behind some of his controversial statements on authoritarianism – which some have called apologist – since he reentered the public spotlight.

Stock market crisis

New York Times: China’s Crackdown on Rumors Will Only Hurt Its Economy.
  • In the wake of the stock market crisis, the Chinese government has begun detaining a number of traders, former regulators, and journalists who face accusations of exacerbating the crisis. The government has also taken undefined action against a number of netizens said to have spread rumors online that also purportedly deepened the stock market shock. Concerns are now being raised that the breadth and secrecy of these detentions will have economic chilling effects as industry voices are silenced.
New York Times: Caijing Journalist’s Shaming Signals China’s Growing Control Over News Media.
  • In a move that has settled many in Chinese media, financial journalist Wang Xiaolu was forced to perform a self-criticism and offer an apology on state TV for articles he wrote on the stock market upheaval. Some industry insiders are taking this as a signal that the Chinese government is tightening its grip on media outlets, even on previously relatively liberal publications such as Caijing, Wang Xiaolu’s magazine.

Pollution in China

New York Times: After Beijing’s Military Parade, Blue Skies Yield to Gray.
  • Within 24 hours of the end of the massive military parade, Beijing’s brilliant blue skies gave way to the more usual gray of smog. Residents suspect that the abrupt turnaround in the weather has to do with the lifting of severe restrictions on traffic and factory production.

Chinese cinema

The Guardian: China approves cinema release of first film about gay relationship.
  • In a landmark first, a foreign film featuring a homosexual relationship between a Chinese and foreign man will be permitted to be screened in select mainland cinemas.


Chinese Communist Party News: 习总书记对净化政治生态提了哪些要求?(What requirements has Secretary Xi made to clean up the political environment?)
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