Taiwan’s KMT Recalls its Candidate for President


A picture that went viral from the KMT party convention of the party’s top leadership, Ma Ying-jeou, Eric Chu and Sean Lian, looking very uncomfortable.

Taiwan’s KMT Replaces its Candidate for President Less Than 100 Days Before the Election

The New York Times: Fearing Election Losses, Taiwan’s Governing Party Drops Its Presidential Candidate

“With incredible lack of foresight, and I suspect a generous dose of ignorance and arrogance, neither Ma nor Chu appear to have sensed that choosing Hung would exacerbate an already fraught situation for the party,” Jonathan Sullivan, associate professor and director of research at the University of Nottingham’s School of Contemporary Chinese Studies, said in an email. “And for months they blithely carried on. Having made the decision to nix Hung, Chu had no choice but to run.”

Foreign Policy: Taiwan’s Ruling Party Just Booted Its Own Sarah Palin Off the Ticket

  • Hung Hsiu-chu was a party stalwart and pro-China hardliner that made the KMT’s messaging problem even more dire. While the popular KMT party chairman, Eric Chu, will replace her, it might be too little and too late. The KMT will likely face a major defeat at the polls come January.
Liberty Times: 綠縣市首長團聚 蔡英文展重返執政氣勢 (Pan-Green leaders reunite, Tsai Ying-wen returns in presidential manner)  
  • Meanwhile, DPP candidate for president Tai Ying-wen gave a speech at the opening celebration to the DPP election headquarters. She said her party’s governing platform would center around three goals: “Enriching democracy, innovating the economy and established public justice.” She also said her administration would maintain cross-strait peace and develop relations with Beijing.
Storm Media: 風評:蔡英文的台灣?朱立倫的中華民國?(Opinion: Tsai Ying-wen’s Taiwan? Eric Chu’s Republic of China?)
  • In response to new KMT presidential candidate Eric Chu’s suggestion that the Republic of China (ROC) wouldn’t survive a DDP administration and the KMT amounts to the ROC, Tsai Ying-wen said, “the DPP isn’t Taiwan and the KMT isn’t the ROC.”
Storm Media: 太陽花改變民眾政治態度 中研院學者:國、民兩黨支持度逆轉!
(The Sunflower movement changed public opinion, Academia Sinica Scholar: Support for the the KMT and DPP has flipped!)
  • According to a phone survey conducted over two years, last year’s student-led Sunflower movement played an important role in setting off a move in public support away from the KMT and towards the DPP.
The Wall Street Journal: The Implosion of Beijing’s Taiwan Strategy
  • Beijing has long operated under the assumption that time is on its side when it comes to cajoling Taiwan into reintegrating with the Mainland. The self-destruction of the KMT might force Beijing to rethink that strategy.

Xi Jinping Visits Great Britain

75401445089576667The New York Times: For Visit by Xi Jinping, Britain Will Prioritize Commerce With China
    The Chinese government appreciates the British government’s decision to put business ahead of much else, said Song Xinning, a professor of international relations at Renmin University. “The British have not only the brain for business, but also the wisdom on strategy,” Dr. Song said, reflecting the Chinese government’s view. “Britain is now the second-largest trading partner for China in the European Union, and it used to be No. 4.”
The Guardian: Chinese ambassador: we do not shy away from discussing human rights
  • China’s ambassador to the UK suggested that his country wouldn’t shy away from discussing human rights, but that he doubted opposition politicians would bring it up at a state banquet organized by the Queen.
The People’s Daily: 后天就出发了,一图看懂习近平访英全行程 (The day after tomorrow Xi embark, one graphic to understand Xi’s trip itinerary)
  • Infographic of Xi’s visit.
The New York Times: Magna Carta Exhibition in China Is Abruptly Moved From University
  • The Magna Carta, which is on a global tour for its 800th anniversary, was abruptly moved from Remin University in Beijing, where it was scheduled to go on display to the public, to the British ambassador’s residence. The document is considered foundational to the establishment of the British constitutionalism and likely ran afoul with CCP messaging.
The Guardian: The howls of China’s prisoners will haunt this royal welcome for Xi Jinping
  • Commentary by Ma Jian, a Chinese writer and activist in London, on Xi’s visit: “The message from the Chinese tyrants to their subjects will be clear: if the queen of the UK, the oldest democracy in the world, lavishes your president with such respect and approbation, then what right have you to criticise him?”

Xi’s Life During the Cultural Revolution to be Made into TV Show

The Guardian: China burnishes Xi Jinping’s legend with TV drama of his years in rural hamlet
  • The show will cover the period between 1968 to 1975, when Xi lived in Liangjiahe, a village in Shaxnxi. Anne-Marie Brady, an expert in Chinese propaganda, said the drama appeared to be a local initiative designed to cash in on the president’s story.
The Guardian: The howls of China’s prisoners will haunt this royal welcome for Xi Jinping
  • Commentary by Ma Jian, a Chinese writer and activist in London, on Xi’s visit: “The message from the Chinese tyrants to their subjects will be clear: if the queen of the UK, the oldest democracy in the world, lavishes your president with such respect and approbation, then what right have you to criticise him?”

Trouble in China’s Restive West

The New York Times: In a Region Disturbed by Ethnic Tensions, China Keeps Tight Lid on a Massacre
  • A rampage by ethnic Uighurs at a mine in a remote edge of Xinjiang that claimed more than 50 lives, mostly Han, has been kept under wraps by government officials, who have contained media attention to a minimum while launching a large manhunt for the perpetrators.

Pop Culture

Canberra Times: Chinese actress Angelababy endures invasive examination to prove she hasn’t had plastic surgery
  • Chinese actress, Angelababy, whose real name is Yeung Wing,underwent medical examination to counter allegations that she had plastic surgery.
The Guardian: China’s first lady Peng Liyuan puts the power into pop
  • China’s first lady Peng Liyuan, a famous singer in China, once outshone her husband. She joined the PLA in the 1980s as an army singer and was catapulted to stardom when she sang in CCTV’s New Years Gala. Peng has become an important soft power tool for her husband’s government–but her backroom dealings may have also been instrumental to her husbands rise.

Urban Planning is Out of Control

China Dialogue: New ‘ghost cities’ typify out-of-control planning
  • A series of recent reports suggest that urban development is out of control as every provincial city in China is building an average of 4.6 new urban districts and regional cities are building an average of 1.5 new districts. These new urban areas would provide housing for 3.4 billion people – entirely out of line with actual demand from China’s population of less than 1.4 billion.
Xinhua: 数据称中国90%地级市争建新城 规划人口达34亿 (According to data, 90% of China’s provincial cities vie to build new districts that together could house 3.4 billion)
  • “This type of scale and living space will lead to excessive costs in the service industry and likely lead to ‘ghost cities,'” said Li Tie. He continues to day the overcapacity of housing isn’t driven by human planning error, but the current market demands.

Pollution in China

People’s Daily : 辉煌“十二五” 喜看新成就 (Splendid ’12th 5th Year plan,’ look at this new success)
  • Report indicates that China was able reduce pollution in Beijing by targeted amount a half-year before the intended date.
The Paper: 俞可平:环境污染引发的群体事件增速远超GDP增速 (Yu Keping: environmental pollution causing mass incidents at a rate faster than the GDP)
  • Party scholar estimates that “mass incidents” in China triggered by pollution have risen on average of 29% each year.


People’s Daily: 辉煌“十二五” 喜看新成就 (Splendid ’12th 5th Year plan,’ look at this new success)
  •   四项主要污染物减排提前半年完成“十二五”目标

    生态环保 力度空前成效显(数说“十二五”)

    本报记者 寇江泽









    “‘十二五’期间,中国环境保护力度前所未有、全球罕见,量大面广的治污设施建设初步完成,污染治理初见成效,跨过污染形势最严峻的历史时期,正处于积极因素不断积累的关键阶段。” 环保部环境规划院副院长吴舜泽说,“十三五”期间,要在“十二五”基础上,积小胜为大胜,希望长期制约环境保护的一些机制、体制问题得到解决,“治本”工作有长足进展,让公众有切切实实环境改善的获得感。




    本报记者 张文采访整理









      《 人民日报 》( 2015年10月17日 06 版)

  • The Paper: 俞可平:环境污染引发的群体事件增速远超GDP增速 (Yu Keping: environmental pollution causing mass incidents at a rate faster than the GDP
  • 10月13日,中欧环境治理项目总结会暨加快国家环境治理体系和能力现代化国际研讨会在北京举行,中央编译局副局长俞可平做题为“推进生态治理现代化”的演讲,认为生态文明建设在眼下的中国具有最大的紧迫性,环境问题与国家的生态治理体制和生态治理能力直接相关。

























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