PSB issues nationwide warning on prostitution, gambling and drugs after CCTV’s Dongguan exposé

Nanguodushibao 17FebIn the wake of the recent undercover CCTV report that uncovered widespread prostitution in Dongguan, Guangdong province, China’s Public Security Bureau (PSB) yesterday issued a stern warning of no tolerance for such crimes with the usual “strike hard” phraseology. The Chinese media today carried the PSB’s warning via a Xinhua report, and the Nanguo Metropolis Daily (南国都市报), a newspaper published on Hainan Island, today carried the warning on its front page.

The newspaper reports that the PSB has requested all its branches to strictly investigate cases of prostitution, gambling and drugs, and to deal severely with all who violate the law on these aspects. The objective of these actions, according to the PSB, is to strengthen the public’s sense of security.

The nationwide warning issued by the PSB makes it clear that absolutely no-one – irrespective if their post or status be high or low – will be excused from prosecution if found to be a suspect.

In the warning the PSB acknowledged that CCTV’s revelations of widespread prostitution in Dongguan was the catalyst for this nationwide crackdown.

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南国都市报 (Nanguo Metropolis Daily): 建议追责东莞警方主要领导