Propaganda chief Liu Qibao hopes foreign Sinologists promote Chinese culture

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This article was published in the People’s Daily [on December5].

On 4 December, CCP Central Committee Politburo Member and Central Propaganda Department Director Liu Qibao attended a conference of Sinologists from various countries on “Sinologists and Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange”, he hopes that Sinologists from various countries deeply research and disseminate Chinese culture, promote the research, flourishing and development of Sinology, become vigorous disseminators of Chinese culture and become friendly emissaries in Sino-foreign cultural exchange.

At the conference, Liu Qibao respectively listened to speeches by Sinologists from countries such as Kazakhstan, Israel, Russia, the United Kingdom, Singapore, India, the United States and Turkey, and engaged in frank, honest and profound exchange with everyone, he also thanked the Sinologists from the various countries for the important contributions they have made in disseminating Chinese culture.

Liu Qibao pointed out that Chinese culture is a common spiritual treasury of human kind, researching and disseminating Chinese culture well not only benefits the Chinese people, but also benefits the people of the world. Liu Qibao hopes that Sinologists from various countries strengthen research on Chinese culture, deeply unearth and elucidate Chinese culture, vigorously promote and disseminate Chinese culture, to let the people of all countries experience the unique charm of Chinese culture even better. He hopes that a continued interest in and broad introduction of the Chinese Dream will let international society understand China and comprehend China even better, and understand that realizing Chinese dream is an opportunity for all countries in the world. He also hopes for vigorous translation and introduction of contemporary excellent Chinese works, to translate excellent literature, film and television works, and books and introduce them to the people of all countries.

Liu Qibao welcomes Sinologists from all countries to come to China, take a stroll and look around often, to have exchanges and collaborations often, to experience the ancient Chinese civilization by themselves, and profoundly experience the China of today, which changes every day. He required all relevant departments to vigorously create conditions and provide assistance to Sinologists of all countries, to develop their academic research and exchange.

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刘奇葆与各国汉学家座谈: 希望汉学家做中华文化的积极传播者