People’s Daily front page editorial celebrates new era of thrift

Renminrinbao Feb 11The front page of the Party mouthpiece newspaper People’s Daily yesterday contained a piece celebrating the new era of thrift in China, and admonished its readers to carry the policy onward in 2014.

Now more than a year after the promulgation of Xi Jinping’s “Eight rules” to crack down on official extravagance,  the People’s Daily declares that the results of this drive have been nothing short of inspiring, and have won the hearts of the people (深得民心), and should be persevered with. The newspaper uses a military idiom to express the uttermost need not to slacken the fight against extravagance. Right now, it says, is not the time to “withdraw troops” in the fight, but to persevere and take hold of the three principles, which are:

  1. Start small, because from small beginnings can come big change
  2. Set up a new system according to the law, and
  3. Strengthen supervision and control

The People’s Daily editorial then appropriately ends with a quote from Chairman Mao: “Something that I have not yet done completely I must finish doing all the way, and will complete successfully in the end” (一件事不做则已,做则必做到底,做到最后胜利).

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