Pacific dreaming

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled 14 November 2014.

Xi at the helm

The People’s Daily: 习近平首次提出“亚太梦想”

1: “中国方案” “中国智慧” 献力实现亚太梦想
2: 新亚洲安全观 确定地区安全合作新框架
3: 四字理念 与邻为善 以邻为伴 “亲、诚、惠、容”盘活周边关系
4: “一带一路” 互联互通 区域一体化迈出坚实步伐

Foreign journalist visas

The Global Times: 环球谈纽约时报记者在华签证问题:他们自知做了什么
New York Times should also seek answers from within

The New York Times: A Response to President Xi Jinping

G20 Summit in Brisbane

The Age: Alpha leaders driven by dreams of lost glory

The Daily Mail: Chinese students BANNED from Brisbane’s CBD after they staged a pro-democracy protest outside the Chinese president’s hotel ahead of G20

Financial Review: China’s Xi Jinping talks of deeper Australian ties ahead of G20 Letter from Xi Jinping; excerpt:

The magnificent land of Australia has attracted worldwide attention with its exotic, charming landscape, dynamic economy, vibrant people and diversified culture.

I have visited Australia four times since 1988. Each time left me with a new ­understanding of the country and a deep impression of the profound friendship between the Chinese and Australian people. I look forward to my fifth trip to this land during which I will pay a state visit to Australia and attend the ninth G20 summit, in Brisbane.

As a Chinese saying goes: “Even mountains and seas cannot distance people with common aspirations.”

Censorship, ideology, thought work

Netease / The Beijing News: 教育部:有些高校偏西方法学理论 缺乏鉴别批判 辽宁日报致高校教师公开信:有人课上对国家“描黑”