New regulations at Changchun Railway Station

Chengshi Wanbao 14JanAs China gears up for the annual spring festival travel rush, the city of Changchun in Jilin province is making its own preparations for a more civilized railway station. The front page of the City Evening News (城市晚报), a newspaper published in Changchun, reports today that a new set of regulations, entitled “Changchun Metropolitan Railway Station Areas Management Regulations” (长春市火车站地区管理规定), will come into force on February 9, 2014, just after the Spring Festival holiday.

Changchun Railway Station will prohibit the following acts of environmental damage: 1: Spitting, urinating, throwing litter and other waste; 2: Dumping sewage, and throwing garbage from car windows; 3: Burning twigs, leaves and other waste; and 4: Any other behavior damaging to the environment. Spitting and throwing cigarette butts will face a maximum penalty of 200 yuan – although as in countless previous instances where such regulations have been announced in locations around the country, it remains to be see how the anti-spitting regulation will be enforced.

The new regulations require that no unauthorized business may be conducted in the railway station areas, including no business displays and marketing – unless with the proper permission. Anyone found in violation of these regulations, or anyone who does obtain permission but then fails to clean up the station properly afterwards, will face a fine of between 200 and 1,000 yuan.

Any outdoor advertisements and displays will also have to adhere to regulations of cityscape planning. Thus violation of the guidelines will result in fines based on the size of the display in question: less than 10 square meters in size shall be fined two thousand; more than ten square meters in size (but less than 50 square meters) shall be fined 5,000 to 10,000 yuan; and ​​more than fifty square meters in size shall be fined between ten and thirty thousand yuan.