New policy to regulate food wastage of Party, government and SOEs

A man holding an anti-waste poster (Source:东方IC )

A man holding an anti-waste poster (Source:东方IC )

On March 18, the General Office of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the General Office of the State Council published a policy document on regulating food waste of official activities of the Party as well as government organs at all levels and state-owned enterprises.

The following are some of the regulations included in the new policy:


  • All official activities should in principle adopt buffets
  • Spot-checks must be undertaken of all large catering invoices
  • The Three Public Expenses (三公消费) should include meal expenses
  • A canteen diner registration system with a dynamic management should be established, and meals and dinner arrangements should be based on the number of diners
  • Specific staff will be arranged to monitor and check as well as criticize wasteful behavior

The policy also encourages catering enterprises to provide smaller portion dishes in order to avoid food waste, and bans catering enterprises from setting minimum spending requirements.

According to Zhu Lijia, a professor at the China National School of Administration, the policy is in fact a regulation of the daily consumption of state-owned enterprises, as well as preparatory regulation for more effectively controlling the Three Public Expenses in the future.

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